20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (2023)

Aside from its rather descriptive name, there is something inherently magical about the halo braid. The wearer looks like a goddess, a medieval princess or an ethereal goblin known from fairy tales.

At first glance, the halo braid hairstyle looks complicated, but if you know how to braid and don't spare a little practice, you will succeed with this beautiful bohemian braid and maybe even this popular hairstyle in a unique style can personalize. a friendly look.

How to make a halo braid

The typical halo braid is a braid that runs around the head along the hairline, so this hairstyle is basically for medium to long hair. You can do a Dutch braid or a French braid by raising or lowering the side sections of the three-strand braid. Follow our easy halo braid tutorial:

  • Step 1: Start with a middle or off-center part. Take three sections from the right side of the parting and place the left section under the middle and then the right section under the middle.
  • Step 2: For each next step, add some hair to the side sections and pin it under the middle section.
  • Step 3: When you reach the nape side, change the position of your hands for more comfort, braid the other side of the nape and change the position of your hands again.
  • Step 4: Braid the hair from the other side of the head to the ends.
  • Step 5: Wrap the loose end of the braid around your head and secure.

Halo braid for short hair

If your hair is shoulder length, say you have a bob cut, you can also style it in a halo braid, but your updo is two separate braids that you overlap and pin at the back.

  1. Start from the side.
  2. French braid your hair along one side first.
  3. Take alternating sections from the sides and add them to the middle of the braid as you go over it.
  4. When you reach the nape of your neck, braid and secure the braid. Now braid the other side in the same way.
  5. Cross the braids, tuck the ends into the bun and pin them in place.

Here we share 20 halo hairstyles that you can do by adapting them to your hair type and length.

#1: Voluminous Halo Braid

Worn untied with large bows and soft, sweet tendrils framing the facebraided headbandUpdo is hardly associated with a common headband. Instead, the pieces woven into the braid and the pieces that don't fit together perfectly and naturally appear to create an illusion of the actual halo.

#2: Wrap the fishtail braid

This bohemian halo braid makes us want to go to the next music festival ASAP and snap lots and lots of photos. Don't be afraid of getting your tresses messy naturally as this particular cap works best when your hair is tousled and unruly.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (2)

Instagram /@laprettyparlor

#3: Pinless Halo Style

This halo style takes us back to the early 2000s (when pink hair was all the rage!). While the idea of ​​not using pins to create the look might seem intimidating, don't worry - a simple YouTube how-to video should do the trick.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (3)

(Video) Butterfly HALO BRAID TUTORIAL | WEDDING HAIRSTYLES | CROWN BRAID Hairstyles |@Tatiaunna1

Instagram /@shelleygregoryhair

#4: Double Crown Updo

Wear a three strand updo for yourwedding day(or your friend's wedding anniversary) is definitely a cute idea, but you can always add something different (a different braid, flowers in your hair) to make it sophisticated or even glamorous - get ready to be the envy of your event be!

#5: Oversized Fishtail Braid

Just because you have a halo braid in your hair doesn't necessarily mean you have to braid your hair tightly. As shown, this perfect style for prom is even a plus sizefishtail fabricit looks angelic.

#6: Naturally Curly Braid

The milkmaid braid is also often associated with halo styles. Great for curly black hair, just a little patience, practice andforks. If you're not that skilled at braiding the perimeter of your head, the faux halo with an attached braid can be an attractive solution.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (6)

Instagram /@modelesque_nic

#7: King braid with highlights

As you can probably guess from the name, wearing a crown braid is one of the easiest ways to feel like royalty (because you absolutely are!). We recommend taking it to a fancy event, be it a gala, gala meeting,final dancemarriage.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (7)

Instagram /@kimberlynicolehair


#8: Wide crown with a twist

ÖKrone KroneUpdos are beautiful in all variations, whether with a Dutch braid, a classic French braid or a voluminous twist as shown. The braided halo style is loosely woven, enhancing each piece and creating a truly magnificent crown that is worth a double take.

#9: Wedding braid style

Well, we have even more inspirational images to share with youbraided hairstyles. If you are looking for simple yet elegant wedding hair ideas, try this gorgeous upside down French braid that wraps around your head creating a dimensional weave that is especially beautiful on balayage hair. This won't work for short hair, but if your hair is at least shoulder length, give it a try.

#10: Low halo braid

For African American girls, wearing a crown or halo updo is a great ideaprotective hairstyleYou can wear it comfortably for some time and feel like a queen. This updo can work for your natural hair or as a braided hairstyle.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (10)

Instagram /@tiff_styles

#11: Corona medieval

Braided halo hairstyles are reminiscent of the days when women wore ball gowns and rode horse-drawn carriages to events. You'll stand out with the elegant wrap style that features a slightly billowy finish with romantic ruffles and soft baby lights.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (11)

Instagram /@Cristinagunnell

#12: Double ribbon braid with flowers

While the trend is certainly toward looser styles these days, there's still a place for tight-fitting, braided headbands. This type of style can come in handy if you have long hair and want to keep it on top of your head.

(Video) Dutch Halo Braid | Missy Sue

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (12)

Instagram /@hairbylaurenm

#13: Messy crown braid

Ideal for a boho bride or hermaid of honour, this loose double braid uses two twists of different sizes to create a very dynamic style. Be sure to style the hair generously beforehand, especially the parting, to give it the texture it needs.

#14: Boho style, half up, half down

When it comes to halo braids, it can be common to simply classify them as updos. Not always, as this gorgeous half halo braid demonstrates. You want ample volume at the top and bottom, so consider incorporating extensions into the look.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (14)

Instagram /@Cristinagunnell

#15: Safe wrap style

Clean, simple and easy, not all types of halo hairstyles are complicated and attractive. This particular style is ideal for women with shoulder length hair. If you have longer hair, your braids will be thicker and more pronounced.

#16: Angled braid for curly hair

If you're looking for a look with a twist, try this gorgeous Angled Braid Hairstyle by @femmeakoi. Do you like side parted hairstyles? Go for an asymmetrical updo: it is always creative and fun, unlike the classic symmetrical hairstyles.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (16)

Instagram /@femmeakoi

(Video) HOW TO: Bohemian Crown #Braid by @hairandmakeupbysteph | Kenra Professional

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#17: Faux HaloBraid for Short Hair

A faux braided halo is an option for natural hair that needs a neat look. If you have very short hair or prefer to add braided detail to your style, try sophisticated curved crown braids that pair perfectly with a braided tiara.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (17)

Instagram /@alexislatrie

#18: Traditional halo with flowers

that adornedDutch braid hairstyleIt's ultra ethereal and sweet, perfect for long fine hair. Complete the natural look with some wildflowers and enjoy your organic arrangement on a beautiful sunny day.

#19: Tight Braided Headband

Looking for a simple braided style? This neatly tied Dutch style, with not a strand of hair looking out of place, should do the trick. HoldBeckonto a minimum with hairspray.

#20: Chunky crown braid

As glamorous as it is effortlessly sexy, this voluminous, easily undone halo braid can be worn to school.work, a formal event or date. Gently tug at the sides of the braid when finished to add more lace, letting a few strands fall to the sides of your face for a more natural, casual look.

20 Halo Braid Ideas to Try in 2023 (20)

Instagram /@nicoledreg

(Video) The braid headband #hairstyles #braidedhairstyles

The key to wearing a halo braid is to make it your own. Whether voluminous, tightly braided and pinned, or so baggy that it hardly looks like a knit, there are countless options for day or night, formal or informal occasions. Invent your own style that reflects your personality!


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