20 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (2023)

Along with cornrows and cornrows, twists may need to take the crown for the least amount of maintenance while still having a versatile look. You can style your hair in flat twists or simple twists, using extra hair for length or just your natural curls. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, they're a great way to hydrate your hair and protect it from unnecessary damage.

If you have a lot of extra time while flattening the curve, now is the perfect time to try out new styles with little to no added pressure. To get inspired for your next new look, scroll through these 20 twisted styles to embrace spring at home with your natural hair or as a protective style.

1. Flat twists and zigzag pieces

20 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (1)

Image source:@curlbellaa

Bringing your usual flat twists to life can be as simple as changing the part. This zigzag part is subtle but enough to make a statement. And the best part is, when you're ready to take it out, you'll have a rotating pump. two for one

2. Blonde Rope Twists

2/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (2)

Image source:@saythelees

As the weather warms up, lighter hair colors are in style, and blonde is a classic warm-weather vibe. These chunky rope twists look cute and carefree when pulled into a ponytail, and they don't take as long to do as smaller twists. The higher the ponytail, the better.

3. Flat twisted low puff

3/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (3)

Image source:@truleytalentedbeauty

Most naturals love a good ponytail. Flat twists are a great way to add more wear to the style instead of the typical pulled back ponytail. Add some little treble accents like Zenita to get just the right amount of pop.

(Video) (EASIEST!!!) Mini-Twist On 4c Natural Hair// Low Maintenance Protective Style

4. Combination Braids and Twists

4/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (4)

Image source:@kraziicurls

Here is proof that you don't have to choose between braids and cornrows, you can do both. Ginelle twisted the front of her facial hair and the back of her as usual for a slightly different look than normal twists.

5. Twisted Mini Ponytail

5/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (5)

Image source:@jd_winters

They might take a bit of time, but mini twists are definitely worth a try at some point during your natural hair journey. They help lock in moisture for a glossy finish and can last up to a couple of weeks with minimal maintenance. Jasmine's mini twisted ponytail is just one of the many styles you can pull off with these twists.

6. Crochet Twists

20.0620 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (6)

Image source:@vozdepelo, @marykbella

These twists look so stunning that you would never guess that it is a crochet wig. The ultimate protective style that completely covers the hair and protects the ends, adding the feel and look of your natural curls and curls.

7. Two twisted wires and golden handles

20/0720 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (7)

Image source:@spstyled

If you love accessorizing your hair, you know these gold cuffs can elevate a style with little effort. Dress up your twists with these little add-ons for a quick and easy way to upgrade your twist style.


8. Marley's Twists

8/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (8)

Image source:@blakejael

Long, waist-length, and knee-length twists are popular this time of year, enlivening the beach and vacations. Even if you haven't hit the beach yet, channel the laid-back vibe at home with this look. Add some blonde accent twists to make it stand out from the rest.

9. Ponytail Twists

20/0920 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (9)

Image source:@natural85

If you are short on time and like a sporty yet cute look, you can try two simple ponytail twists. Easy to do on the run or as an everyday style, it's functional when it comes to holding hair back and away from the face.

10. Passionate Twists

20.1020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (10)

Image source:@happycurlfelizchica

Protect yourself with a long havana, passion or rope turn scarf or headscarf. Stack your twists into an oversized bun for an easy and flirty hairstyle. For added shine, don't forget to comb your baby's hair.

11. Space Cake

20.1120 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (11)

Image source:@poderfluffgirl

These bright twists go amazingly well with the ever-popular space bun style. This can be a good solution for naturals who are going through the "weird" hair length phase and feel like their problems are just one.kleintoo short for comfort. Don't forget to add the face frame twists.


12. Twisted Hairstyle

20.1220 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (12)

Image source:@neffyfrofro

Laila-Jean wears this style as a simple style to protect her hair as she dries on wash day looking like a lifesaver. On days when she needs to fit other activities into her laundry schedule, this should help her leave the house looking attractive and protected.

13. Flat twists with bow

13/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (13)

Image source:@danishrolls

Head scarves complement curly hair in every way. It can also double as a headband to keep those juicy twists out of your face. Tie the hat with a bow to keep it cool.

14. Updo with passion twists

14/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (14)

Image source:@creolenaturelle

Twists can easily be transformed into a sophisticated look suitable for your next big formal event. If you master this quarantine style, you'll have weddings and black-tie events on your calendar. Dip the twists to one side and pin them at the base of the head to get this look. Add a few sprigs of baby's breath for a delicate touch.

15. Stretched Loose Twists

15/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (15)

imageThose: @creativo91

Loose twists keep all the volume that you could lose while your hair is open. Twist dry hair loose and pin as needed for a full-bodied look instead of the usual tight twists.

(Video) Lo-fi Flat Twist Out on Fine natural hair | ft. Hair Nimation

16. Twisted Low Ponytail

16/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (16)

Image source:@naturalcha

Create giant twists on one side of your head for an office-ready look. It is an especially impressive style on thick natural hair.

17. Curly Half Ponytail

17/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (17)

Image source:@teresa.sousa.100

Bring back memories of the past by adding pearls to your twists and a cascading ponytail. And yes, the sustained popping noise is worth it, I promise.

18. Two-Strand Purple Twists

18/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (18)

Image source:@curliecrys

Tinted hair waxes allow you to push the boundaries of hair color without making serious compromises; In short, it's amazing. Playing with your hair color while it's in is a good way to decide which colors work for you and which ones you might consider permanent. Crys purple twists are fun and extra cute pineapple style.

19. Distorted accents

19/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (19)

Image source:@samanthapollock

Curls, who like to wear twists, braids, and laundry most of the time, can add some highlighted twists to add some variety to their everyday look. Jewelry and accessories can, as always, add to your heart's content.

(Video) HOW TO: 13 NATURAL HAIRSTYLES 😍| Low Maintenance | for short/medium length hair | DOPE KΓ„NTENT|

20. Cross Bun

20/2020 low-maintenance twist hairstyles for natural hair (20)

Image source:@jaynellenicole

The crisscross pattern of this style can make it look a lot more complicated than it is, but the result is worth it! After parting and parting the hair, secure each section with black elastics and twist and twist the sides. Cross the banded sections in any pattern you prefer to give the hairstyle an artful look and secure the buns. If you feel like your hair is too short to pull, add hair to buns for a fuller effect.

Are you still waiting for new hairstyles in spring 2020? If twists are your favorite, let us know what your next twisted look will be in the comments below.


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