23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (2023)

Fedora hats are a timeless and elegant hat type worn by both men and women. There are many types of fedora hats, and this article examines popular options so you can get an idea of ​​what might suit your fashion needs and preferences.

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (1)

The fedora first appeared in 1882, but it was only a women's hat. Today there are women's and men's felt hats for all sorts of fashion statements. It has also branched out further and includes many different styles.

However, one thingFilzhutIt is still classified as a soft-brimmed hat with a notched crown. Variations arise from this basic description, resulting in different types of fedora hats. This article explores many types ofFilzhut, their names and other factors such as the width and material of the border.


Types of fedora hats by material

Felt hats are most commonly categorized by the type of material they are made from. Here are some examples of popular fedora hat materials.

felt hats

Felt hats are among the best selling felt hats on the market. They can be classified into the following typesFilzhut:

wool structure

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A felt hat is usually made out of wool as it is a cheaper option than animal felt. Additionally, wool felt fedora hats have a comfortable, soft feel and the ability to hold their shape, qualities that are desirable and sought after in a felt fedora.

animal felt

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (3)


Animal skin is also soft and has a more delicate texture, slightly different from wool. They can be made from beaver or rabbit fur, or from more expensive and exotic fur like a chinchilla. Animal fedoras are usually worn in high-end settings and fit perfectly in very formal settings.

straw hats

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A straw fedora is a versatile style of fedora that can be worn casually at sporting events or formally at outdoor weddings or horse racing. This versatility depends on the type of straw used to make the fedora hat. For example, if the straw hat is made of fine, soft and flexible straw with a high sheen, it is more suitable for elegant occasions.

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The best thing about straw hats is their glossy texture, lightweight feel, and the way they allow for more airflow. However, they can easily be crushed and lose their shape (unless you opt for one with a crack-resistant coating). Also, they cannot be used in the rainy season if they are not waterproof.

However, if you want a more durable hat with a similar style, you can opt for a panama hat.

Types of fedora hats based on the brim

Felt hats can also be referred to by the brim size, i.e. is the brim wide or narrow?

long-breasted fedoras

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (5)

Brim width generally ranges from 4 to 10 inches, although this can vary. A wide-brimmed fedora is typically more common than a short-brimmed fedora and can sometimes be referred to as a slouch hat. Usually, people go for this style when they want a more dramatic and eye-catching look.

Also, the wide brim offers more protection from the sun, making it a great choice for summer fashion.

kleiner Fedora-Hut

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (6)

A small-brimmed hat looks like a traditional fedora, except for the significantly shorter brim. Sometimes this is the first thing people notice, making it easy to mistake a small-brimmed hat for a fedora.

Types of Crown Base Fedora Hats

The crown is an easily identifiable part of the fedora hat and if you look around you will see that most hats have one of three crown styles. However, no one style is noticeably better than the other. It all depends on your preferences and what you think is the most aesthetic.

crown in tears

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (7)

Also known as a compressed C-crown, this teardrop-shaped crown is narrower at the front of the hat and more rounded at the back. Unlike the diamond and crown shapes, it has smoother edges and a lower profile, making it more visible on the wearer's head.

Some people also find the teardrop shape more natural and conservative, so it might be appropriate for formal events.

Central toothed crown

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (8)

Without a doubt, this is the classic fedora hat look, and the name is pretty self-explanatory: it has a simple pleat that starts in the front and extends to the back. The hats in most cases have a flat crown, although you will find others with a geometric or square shape. Fedora hats with this type of crown are sometimes known as Borsalino Fedora, an Italian headwear brand founded by Giuseppe Borsalino, who created this type of crown.

Diamond crowns

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (9)

This type of crown is easily recognized by its dragon-like appearance and quadruple-domed appearance when viewed from above. It has one point on the front of the hat and three points on the back. While not as classic as the center crown, the diamond crown has a contemporary appeal that makes it appear even more elegant.

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Types of brimmed fedora hats

You will find that tooFilzhutThey have some differences when it comes to their edges. Therefore, they can be classified as follows:

raw edge cut

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (10)

This is a "simple" fedora hat with a simple, no-frills design. In other words, the flap edge is simply cut off and left raw.

folded edge

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (11)

This type of fedora has the brim folded in and sewn to the brim. This style of tab binding is often considered elegant.


23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (12)

This type of flap has decorative elements as it is finished with a ribbon. Some lapels even have bows, while others have a feather attached to the ribbon or bow.

Borde de Cavanagh

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (13)

Fuente: Etsy

This is a type of handmade felt edging used to make the edging more durable without sewing. It is most commonly found in vintage fedoras.

Types of fedora hats by style

There's a fedora hat for every occasion, and below we take a look at some of the most common fedora hat styles.

Formal wear and fedora hats.

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (14)

Formal fedora hats are made for chic occasions and their elegant look is often unmistakable. They usually have a high surface gloss and a very elegant design. A tailcoat hat is usually made from a fancy material such as beaver felt or wool that is very fine and soft in texture and appearance.

They also regularly have a banded edge and a classic or ruffled teardrop center.

casual hats

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (15)

if you need oneFilzhutFor everyday occasions, a casual fedora is highly recommended. This type of hat comes in many different styles in terms of brim length and crown shape, although it is generally made from materials such as wool felt, straw, and cloth.

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classic fedora

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (16)

Sometimes the classics never go out of style. For example, you may have seen movie gangsters wearing the original style of fedora hat that is still fashionable today. The vintage fedora style is timeless and can make you stand out even more.


23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (17)

Always associated with the Indiana Jones movies, the safari fedora hat appeals to all adventurers. They are more like straw hats because they are light and comfortable and their brown color allows them to be combined with a wide variety of looks.

Types of hats similar to fedora

Many types of hats are often referred to or confused with fedora hats, but do not fit the classic fedora hat description. some like themFilzhutThey are actually a type of fedora that is often mistaken for a completely different type of hat. Let's take a closer look at some of these hats:

trilby hats

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (18)

As mentioned above, the trilby hat is a type of fedora, although many people disagree. This is because the brim, while having the familiar fedora crown shape, tends to be shorter and curved at the edges.

In some cases, the edges of the brim flap down at the front and up at the back (hats of this type are also known as adjustable brims). In addition, the cup height of the trilby is lower, so that it turns out smaller.hat size. Traditional. The wide-brimmed hat was commonly worn by wealthy men, although today it has been incorporated into contemporary culture.

Pork Pie-Hut

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (19)

As the name suggests, a porkpie hat is similar in shape to a porkpie. This makes your profile look like a Fedora, although upon closer inspection there are some noticeable differences. For example, the pork pie hat has a much shorter brim that curves and flips.

The crown is also noticeably more rounded with straight and slightly sloping sides. Like the fedora, aPork Pie-HutThey can be made from all sorts of materials, including straw, cotton, and felt. It can also be decorated with ribbons and feathers.

Homburg hat

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (20)

This type of hat is also known as a godfather hat because it is not seen on anyone other than Al Pacino's head in the movie The Godfather. Although very similar to the fedora in the middle, the crown is higher and more pronounced. In addition, the brim is rigid, rolled at the edges and decorated with a hat band.

It also usually has a bow that is worn on the side. The name derives from Bad Homburg, a place in Germany where King Edward VII bought the hat before bringing it back to England, where it soon became a popular style. In general, the best men's hat is a great men's fedora.

safari hats

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (21)

As mentioned above, felt safari hats often work in a more adventurous sense for those who love the great outdoors. Most people simply refer to them as safari hats, but they are actually a type of fedora hat. However, they are a type of wide-brimmed hat that helps protect the face from the sun and other elements.


Also, the crown is a bit flatter and they rarely have dents in the middle. Fedora safari hats are usually made of tan, tan, and green straw or leather and are trimmed with a thin leather band.


23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (22)

Like the trilby hat, the panama hat can be a type of fedora. What distinguishes them from other types ofFilzhutit's the type of material they're made of. It is best recognized by its light-colored appearance and its finely woven material, which is a very fine type of straw called toquilla straw.

The Panama hat is woven entirely by hand from this straw by artisans in Ecuador. It's known as a waterproof, crush-resistant, breathable, and super-light men's hat, making it a popular, and slightly more expensive, fedora hat option. next toPanama-Fedora-HutPanama hats also come in other styles like the Optimo Panama hat.

in hats

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (23)

Like a safari hat, a field hat is designed more for function than looks. They have broad wings that tend to droop both in front and behind, and are usually leathery. As the name suggests, they come from the Australian outback, where protection from the sun, wind and rain is badly needed. InsideFilzhutTherefore, it is a great sun hat for outdoor walks.

player caps

23 Different Types of Fedora Hats (24)

Bowlers are a cross between the field hat and the cowboy or western hat. They are also very similar to fedoras, except they have a wider brim and a distinctly oval crown. The brim is usually turned up slightly, and the entire hat may be made of wool, straw, or leather felt and trimmed with ribbons.

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