23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (2023)

The halo braid is a new trend making a comeback, and for good reason! This unique style will add a magical fairy tale touch to your look and is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

You can see this ethereal look gracing all sorts of places.BohemianLook from music festivals to sophisticated looks at Paris Fashion Week.

Halo braids look stunning, but don't be alarmed! Like all good updos, this braid takes a bit of practice, but it's totally do-it-yourself!

What is a halo braid?

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A halo braid is a single Dutch orpull the braidthat wraps around your head and snaps into place, creating, you guessed it, a "halo" look.

Some variations keep the braid close to the hairline, while others push it further back. The traditional halo braid gathers all of your hair into a single long braid, although it's possible to experiment with a half-up, half-down look once you've got the basics down.

It's your choice! This hairstyle is best suited for women with medium to long hair. If you have shorter hair, you can still do the halo braid, but the process will be a little different.

Halo braids are ideal for all types of hair textures. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, this is a great hairstyle for your second or third day hair. Be sure to brush it well and get rid of any extra oils to give it a better, cleaner look.

if you havecurly or curly hairHalo braids are a great option for a hairstyle that protectsmiMagic. Be sure to prepare your hair by washing, conditioning, and moisturizing beforehand.

How to do a halo braid

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do a halo braid. The process for medium to long hair is different than the process for short hair.

Make sure your hair is brushed and untangled, free of excess oil, and completely dry. It helps you get familiar with it.French or Dutchbraid before trying this style!

Have a comb, bobby pins, and hairspray handy. If you have frizzy hair, it may help to have a product on hand to smooth out unruly hair.

Halo Braids for Medium to Long Hair

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This process aims to create a single braid that you can wrap around your head.

  1. Part the hair carefully. A central or side part is fine.
  2. Starting at the front of the head, take three sections from the right side of the crown. start yourdutch braid: left strand below the middle, then just below the middle, etc.
  3. Slowly work the strands into the side sections. Gradually braid them under the middle strand. The braid as a whole should thicken.
  4. Continue braiding on the side until you reach the nape.
  5. At this point, you should change the position of your hand to make the process easier. Then braid from the middle of the neck to the other side.
  6. Braid on the other side of the head. You may need to change the position of your hands again.
  7. When you get to your part (the beginning of the braid), braid your hair like you normally would until you reach the end of your hair. Secure it with a hair tie.
  8. Wrap the loose braid around your head. Tuck the end into the braid to hide it and secure everything in place. Spray hairspray for extra hold.

Halo braids for short hair

If you have shorter hair, the process is more like creating a crown braid, which consists of two braids that overlap to create the illusion of a single braid wrapped around the head.

  • Follow the same first four steps to braid the halo braid on long hair.
  • When you get to the nape of the neck, braid as usual until you reach the ends of your hair. Be sure to secure it – small hair ties are easier to hide in the end.
  • Repeat this process on the other side.
  • Cross the braids at the nape of the neck and wrap them around your head. Tuck the ends into the main braid and pin into place. Spray hairspray to keep it in place.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to do a halo braid on short hair.

Halo Braids Ideas

1. Loose braid

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (3)

Loose braids are all the rage these days. Start the braid behind the ear and move it around the head while letting the hair down for a thick, carefree look. She accentuates the look by pulling up a few strands and curling them.

2. Middle part

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (4)
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Wear a halo braid differently with a center part and the braid wrapped around the hairline. The hair is gathered up at the back, while the subtle lilac parting that contrasts with the braided blonde hair sets this style apart from others.

3. Double Halo Braids

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (5)

You need these cute half braids in your life to flaunt your wavy hair. The top strands are braided into two Dutch braids, while the rest is left loose at the back. Creamy blonde highlights peeking through honey blonde hair take this look to another level.

4. Visual Middle Ages

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (6)

This braided bun will make anyone look like a medieval princess. The rich brown locks are styled in a braided halo around the head, extending from ear to ear. Gather the rest of the hair into a bun to complete the look.

5. Tipped Hat Style

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (7)

It shows off a halo braid with an elegant touch. The golden brown hair is woven into a thick braid with even ringlets throughout. The braid is angled on one side and reaches down to the brow bone to resemble a hat.

6. Demanding finish

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (8)

Looking for a halo braid hairstyle for a fancy occasion? Check out this style where the braid sits on top of the head and side parted hair frames the face finished off with an oversized embellished hair accessory.

7. Fringes on the jaw

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (9)

Move the braids away from the forehead to allow room for the jaw-length bangs in the front. The bangs can be parted down the middle or to the side, depending on your choice. Two elegant braids instead of one complete this icy platinum blonde hair.

8. Halo Picked Up

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (10)

This is another stunning style where the braid is swept away from the front to make room for a sleek center part. The strands are loosened to create a messy braid with a floral headband on the crown.

9. Great hairstyle

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (11)

Keep your hair out of your face with this look. The blonde braids are teased and styled into an oversized high bun with a tight halo braid at the front that looks like a headband. This style is simple but elegant.

10. Braided Project

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (12)

Go for this braided hairstyle that looks like art. The braided halo wraps around the head like a headband with an intricate braid design at the center. Leave two long loose braids with beads at the ends. This look may require hair extensions.

11. Half Halo

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (13)

Split the halo in two for variety and bring those much-needed beautiful halo braids into your life. The coppery red hair is parted in the middle and braided on both sides. A few loose strands at the front add a soft finish to the look.

12. Sleek hairstyle

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (14)
(Video) 😱 100 twist hairstyle on natural hair you will love to do 😍😍😍#twist hairstyle

Take a look at this elegant braided hairstyle in which the strands are braided in a perfect circle around the head with a stylish comb. Draw a few strands at the front and back and roll them up. This look is ideal for brides and bridesmaids.

13. Wild Twist

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (15)

Although halo braids are considered an ethereal hairstyle, you can wear them with a wild twist. The front consists of elegant layered bangs with two thin braids on the sides and messy fishtail braids. Leave the braided strands at the back as well.

14crown crown

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (16)

This is the easiest and most classic halo braid style created by making sure to pull each braid as tight as possible and include all of your hair in the braid before tucking it behind your ear.

the two tonesCabello Rubio BalayageThe color in this look serves to accentuate the braid and give it a halo effect.

The best hairstyles with braids for women.

15. Heavy and structuredcurly braid

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (17)

If you have very long hair, you can create a voluminous, textured braided halo hairstyle by starting the braiding process behind your ear and using loose strokes to create your braid.

This ensures that the fullness of your hair is at the front of your head and allows you to work with your natural texture.

sixteen.milk braid

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (18)

Taking the curls out of the braid is a great way to tone down your style and add more femininity. Having curls around your face creates a natural frame and adds softness if you have a square or oval face shape.

17. Braid with floral ornament

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (19)

The halo braid is the perfect style for evening events and formal occasions. To add some glam to your evening look, add flowers, jeweled hair clips and other feminine accessories to make sure your look really stands out from the crowd.

18. Braid withside stripes

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (20)

If you have a long face shape and rely on bangs to add softness and shorten your forehead, don't worry – you can incorporate these bangs into your style and still sport a gorgeous halo braid on your natural hair.

to create thisside stripes, separate any hair you don't want to include in the braid and secure with a hair clip before you begin working on your hairstyle.

19double dutch braid

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (21)

If you have ultra-long hair, you can upgrade your style by creating a double dutch.crown crown! Simply wrap the hair around your head until all the lengths are distributed – this will make your halo hair look much fuller and more impressive.

20Hair tied

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (22)
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Do you love the look of a halo braid but still want to show off the length of your hair? It is possible to have the best of both worlds! Use the length of your hair to create a loose braid at the nape of the neck, then wrap it around your head to create a semi-halo effect.

21. Halobraid for short hair

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (23)

While it's much more difficult to create a classic halo braid when you have short hair, you can change the look by creating a half halo at the front of your hairline.

Simply braid the hair on each side of the part and slide to the back of the hair and secure with bobby pins.

22. Vibrant Red Halo Braid

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (24)

While most pictures tend to show braids in blonde angel braids, they look just as fabulous with a lighter, more vibrant hair color. The braid style is a great way to show off the amazing red hue of this gorgeous length of hair.

23. Braid withblunt bangs

23 gorgeous halo braids you need in your life (25)

Sporting blunt bangs doesn't mean you can't try a halo braid, too. It's easy to incorporate your bangs into a halo, alternatively create your halo around it and use it to create a frame for your bangs to add a modern touch to your look.

frequent questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about halo braids.

Where should I start braiding a halo braid?

Halo braids should start at the front of the head, right to the side of the part. It is up to you whether it is a middle part or a side part. For shorter hair, parting on one side can alleviate the illusion of a continuous braid.

How much hair is needed for a halo braid?

Halo braids are easiest to do on medium to long hair. This allows all the hair to be braided into one braid that can then be wrapped around the head.

Halo braids can be created with shorter hair, but achieving the look of a continuous braid can be difficult. You can try a looser braid or a half-down variation to help with this illusion.

How much does a halo braid cost?

(Video) How To || Easy Halo Braid w/ Braiding Hair || Kyona Marie

If you choose to have your halo braid done professionally, the cost will likely be in the range of $100-$200.

This is a very popular wedding style, so this price may vary depending on what other treatments you want to do in addition to braiding, such as: B. adding extensions, curling or dyeing.

However, if you make them yourself, all you need is time and a little practice!

How long is a halo braid?

It depends on your hair texture and how many bobby pins and hairspray you use! Wild pursuits aside, a halo braid is a pretty rugged hairstyle.

Tighter braids hold up a bit better than loose, spiky ones. If you use this as a protective hairstyle, the halo braids will last up to 6 weeks.

Can I do a halo braid with extensions?

Yes, you can create a halo braid with extensions and use them to add volume to your braid if you have thinner hair or lengthen shorter hair.

Just make sure they sit securely and gradually weave into your natural hair to ensure a seamless transition.

What is the difference between a halo braid and a crown braid?

Although these two words have been used interchangeably, there are some small differences. Halo braids consist of a single Dutch braid that starts at the front of the head and wraps continuously around the head.

A crown braid typically consists of two braids, French or Dutch, that start at the nape of the neck and overlap as they wrap around the head.


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