30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (2023)

I've spent a lot of time in tattoo shops across Canada. Clean, run down and a place where the next guy in the door would ask where his money was. I've seen it all Over the years, I've heard tattoo artists seriously discuss what they want to say to their clients at every stage of their journey.BeforeThey went on their first date.

Here are 30 things your tattoo artist wants you to know before you step foot in their shop.

1. They are tattoo artists, not psychics

endure; I have a vision that comes from a client looking for a custom piece. They come prepared with pictures.mia solid idea that they can explain directly. This can not be true.

If you're glad to finally get that custom tattoo but you're still at it'Dream', avoid going into a reputable business until you've got your vision down on paper. The artists are not psychics and are already overloaded with clients whohe canarticulate your ideas. Bring your pictures, come to the same page, and then you can start the creative process.

2. Routine appointments are a myth.

You want to get a killer tattoo from a sought-after artist, right? It's what I thought. Keep this in mind when entering the tattoo parlor to discuss your design. The most experienced and sought-after artists areonly with an appointment- You may even have to interact with oneTattoo-Softwareto make an appointment with the increase of Covid-19.

3. Haggling for prices is not cool

Tattoos are a luxury item; They are something to save for, not something to haggle for. Also, each piece is custom made by an artist who has extensively trained in their craft and no one deserves to have their artistry underestimated. If it's outside of your budget today, remember it's in your body for life, so take the time to save.

4. Be prepared to spend some money

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (1)

Most tattoo shops have an hourly rate that varies depending on the artist, shop minimums, and an upfront payment. You see, art doesn't come cheap, and that art is on the strongest canvas in the world. The one who fidgets, winces, cries, and checks Instagram when he should be quiet.

5. Small tattoos are not cheap

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (2)

That'll only cost you $20, right?See, even if you have the ever-popular infinity symbol on your wrist, tattoo parlors still have to charge a minimum amount for each appointment. This minimum includes setup, preparation, sterilization, and supplies that remain the same regardless of the size of the project, not to mention adhering to health and safety guidelines. Plus, you get what you pay for. Appreciate your artist's time, skill and creativity.

6. Tattoo artist fees vary

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (3)

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Depending on which shop you have accessed, the fee structure may vary. Some artists charge by the piece while others charge by the hour; some make it up to you little by little 😬. Within these fee structures, tattoo artist fees vary based on experience, education, and location.

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7. Do your own research

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to works of art that remain on the body for a lifetime. Take the time to plan your tattoo, not just the content, but the context and style behind your design choices. When you first go to a tattoo parlor, you should have certain details that you can share with your loved ones.Artist, so they can help bring your vision to life.

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8. Think of a design

Not sure which tattoo to get? don't take any Tattoos are permanent works of art on your body. Now is not the time to ask your friends, partner or tattoo artist for opinions. A tattoo design doesn't have to symbolize a life-changing event, but it does have to resonate with you, and your artist can't determine that for you, nor should you ask them to.

9. There are no unlimited (free) resorts

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (4)

The appointment you have with your tattoo artist is the moment to clarify your expectations and ideas, bringing all your references with you. At this meeting they create a design that will be used for your tattoo and most of the time it is created in your free time. Don't be afraid to speak up if the final draft doesn't meet your expectations, but keep in mind that the third round of changes could pose a problem.OfYou have to make some considerations: you are too picky, you made a mistake in choosing the original design or finally the artist you chose does not have the right style.

10. The tattoo is a creative collaboration.

At the heart of the tattoo industry is art and creativity. If you ask anyone who lives there they will tell you that building on demand can be mentally taxing. As a client looking for a custom piece, consult an artist to share your ideas and resources prior to your tattoo. After your consultation, based on your thoughts and vision, your artist will begin to create a design just for you. This is where collaboration comes in (rememberArtists are not mind readers). But be patient, this process may take some time; Yours may not be the only piece created.

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11. Respect your tattoo artist's advice

Ask and it will be given to you. You did your research and found a respected artist in the industry. Consider the information they give you as reliable guidance, not a starting point for a discussion. Whether it's how a particular design works or doesn't work, or what changes are required for a successful piece

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12. Think about the location of your tattoo

It may come as a surprise to learn that not every store is willing to put that Cara Delevingne lion tattoo you love on YOUR finger. If you want a unique spot tattooed on your body, whether it's your face (not), your fingers, or your inner lip, be sure to call the shop you want to visit first. Not all artists tattoo the entire body due to the curation, longevity, and quality of the finished artwork.To you.

13. The reality TV expert

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (5)

You may be a reality TV addict, but you're no tattoo expert. Tattoo reality shows are the bane of an artist's existence. So leave the trading to the true professionals who have spent years honing their skills and skip the amateur commentary.

14. Bigger can be better in the long run

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (6)

Gravity plus time sucks, and when it comes to tattoos, it's the worst. That's why you might be surprised when you come to your appointment and the tattoo you envisioned is not exactly the size you envisioned. Now it's time to talk, but remember your artist is the expert and understands how your skin changes, what patterns go where, and how colors move or fade.

15. Stay away from trends

Trends happen in all industries; The main difference is that your tattoo will last forever. When a new style emerges, there is usually a rush to be a part of it. Customers may overlook the importance of finding a reputable, clean store to get the job done quickly. While everyone has their own style preferences, some fashion looks better on the pages of the latest magazine than it does on our skin.

16. Declare your love in other ways

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (7)

Name tattoos are one of the most hidden and remote tattoos in the business. You won't be the first person to declare your love through a permanent sign, and you won't be the last, but the wisest option would be to make a t-shirt, jewelry, or literally anything that isn't permanent. Just some unsolicited advice.

17. Rome wasn't built in a day (nor is your back)

OK, we're back to reality TV. Contrary to what you see on TV, a sleeve or back isn't done in an hour or two, or even 6 hours. Large parts like the back, sleeves or even half sleeves are more labor intensive than you might think.

Your first step is a consultation where you discuss your idea with your artist; They sketch the area you want to tattoo and create a design for you. You'll likely return for your first date at a later date (and to see your drawing, that takes time). Your custom piece, well this will require multiple sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart to heal.

18. Don't ask a tattoo artist to copy a custom design.

Want to know the fastest way to get a tattoo rejection? Insist on the same design you found on Pinterest. In this industry there is nothing less ethical than asking your tattoo artist to copy another artist. So how do you discuss your design ideas with your tattoo artist without touching your foot? If you seek advice, bring reference materials from various sources, or if you can't find multiple images, make it clear that the one you have is for inspiration only.

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Oh, and I would probably avoid Pinterest altogether.

19. Dress for the tattoo.

Be sure to wear clothing that allows easy access to the area to be tattooed. Consider loose, comfortable clothing. There's no need to dress up or limit yourself; It's all about accessibility and ease.

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20. Practice good hygiene

Let's make it short and sweet. Shower, brush your teeth, and ditch scents and moisturizers to get your skin ready for work. Basic hygiene, ladies and gentlemen.

21. Be sober

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (8)

Tattoo artists aren't impressed when you show up drunk for a variety of reasons. Drinks and certain medications should be avoided within 24 hours of getting a tattoo as they help thin the blood. In many places it's illegal to tattoo drunk people and you'll have to sign a consent form before you can declare you're sober, so skip the narcotics and alcohol.

22. Eat before the consultation

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (9)

Going to a long tattoo appointment on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. To avoid dizziness, place food on your stomach and stay hydrated. On the other hand, be sure to use the restroom and take other necessary breaks before heading to your appointment. Time is money with your artist, and unless you have a long session, you want to get everything out of the way before you settle into the chair.

23. Tattoos will hurt

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (10)

There will be blood, needles and yes, pain. If you have a low pain threshold, talk to an experienced artist about what the best option is for you before you sit down. See, pain is part of the process, and tattoo artists prepare for you to gasp or cheer from time to time. If you're making a big piece, it may even justify a break in the middle when you've reached your breaking point. However, by screaming, crying, and physically shaking, you are now entering territory that will affect your finished tattoo.

Before you sit in the chair, you should assess your pain tolerance and decide if you can remain calm throughout the process. If the answer is no, then a tattoo may not be for you.

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24. Keep movement to a minimum

As we discussed above, this will hurt, but you need to keep your movements to a minimum. Your body's response to pain may be to go away, but that's a big no-no. This will frustrate your tattoo artist, endanger your piece and make the tattoo more painful. Instead, focus on your breathing, listen to music, and focus on your ultimate goal.

25. Time pressure and tattoos don't mix.

You can't rush art or an artist, so don't ask. If you have a place that you need to be within an hour of sitting down, it's best to reschedule your game. Your tattoo will be carefully crafted on the human canvas and the focus is on the design, not the time frame as it should be.

26. Allow your tattoo artist to focus on their work.

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (11)

Now it's time to read the room. Not all tattoo artists like to talk while applying permanent ink to the skin. It's important to quickly recognize if your artist is talkative or requires quiet concentration while working. Take notes and be prepared to be entertained during your appointments.

27. Leave your template at home

Ideally, you relax alone in the tent. If you must bring a support team, try to stick with just one friend. Shop rules vary based on who gets to go where, as your artist tries to focus on your tattoo, the other shop customers have their own experiences, and each station is designed to accommodate minimal bodies, so think you mind .

Oh, one more thing. Do not bring children into the store. Always.

28. Be on time

As with any appointment, make sure you show up on time and are ready to go. It is common in the tattoo industry to: aDepositbelow after the query to make sure it appears. After registering, make sure you allow enough time for the entire appointment, even if it takes longer than planned. If you wake up with cold feet, the best thing to do is call the store or stop by and speak to your artist to address your concerns.

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29. Tipping is a normal part of the industry

If you're saving for your first tattoo, be sure to leave enough for a tip—it's the norm in the industry. Not tipping means ignoring the extra work that went into creating your design, customer service, the non-essentials like comfort during your bereavement, and all the creative collaboration.

30. Ignoring your aftercare will affect the results of your tattoo

30 things your tattoo artist wished he knew (12)

You're very excited about your new tattoo, but when it's ready is the most critical time to listen. Do you want a distorted, faded and infected tattoo? I do not believe it. Artists don't go through their step-by-step new tattoo aftercare procedures just for fun. You just spent hours suffering for beauty; Now it's time to take care of your new piece so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

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I think that covers everything, right?

You should feel confident walking into your first tattoo parlor and ready to order the custom tattoo of your dreams. Do you have a question that we haven't answered? Let us know in the comments. You can try oursTattoo-SoftwareRisk Free Today!

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