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In recent years, more and more people are getting tattooed. Everywhere you look, you see someone with some ink, from family and friends to celebrities. However, if you are new to the world of tattooing, ink can seem intimidating. After all, it remains in the body forever.

If you've given a lot of thought to getting a tattoo, you may be wondering how to prepare for your appointment. There are some issues that many tattoo artists face on their clients and knowing a few details beforehand can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Below are some things that tattoo artists like to see from their clients, so keep that in mind when you book your future appointments.

understand your budget

Many people decide to get a small tattoo for the first time, thinking that it will be cheaper. This is not always true. while small tattoosit takes less timeand they usually require less ink, sometimes they have extra details that can increase the price. You usually get what you pay for, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Discuss prices with each artist to understand their fees. Some charge an hourly rate, while others set a fixed price based on the design. many tattoo shopshas minimum pricesto cover supplies, adhere to health and safety guidelines, and properly set up, prepare, and sanitize the area.

Don't jump on the shark and get a tattoo without knowing the prices. Tattoo artists love it when you have a tattoo idea and ask about the cost of the piece. no matter what,bring extra moneyIf your tattoo lasts longer than expected, it will be inked and you can tip the tattoo artist.

You may also want to buy someafter treatment products. You may also want to purchase food or drinks for your session, not to mention the parking fee. We recommend a sugary, high-carb snack for long tattoos to keep your blood sugar levels up, and a pre-session meal with protein, vitamin C, zinc, and plenty of water.

Cooperate and work together

Tattoo artists appreciate clients following company protocols without complaining. Be sure to bring your ID, fill out the paperwork, and pay the agreed upon price with tip. Different states have different laws about it.age can be tattooed, but most stores require you to show identification, regardless of your age.

Discuss the design thoroughly with the artist in advance, either in person or by email. Many people initially opt for small tattoos, although small details fade over time. Perhaps your design is too complicated to keep small and the artist needs a larger area to mount it while maintaining the same level of detail. Trust the creative instincts of the artist and you will have a great piece of art.

Remember that tattooing is a creative profession and constantly designing innovative pieces can be expensive. Having a decent idea for your tattoo will drastically help you in the creative process. Showing sample pictures and asking for something similar can help you get the best result.

However, try not to ask for a copy of any of your previous work. While you may be inspired, let them create something new and custom. Share your ideas, but avoid artistic micromanagement. Talk it out if you don't like something he's done, but let him work his magic.

4 things tattoo artists love - AuthorityTattoo (1)

pay your respects

Show your tattoo artist some respect. Their job is not easy and they have worked hard to become professionals. Be sure to tip, as most of what you pay goes towards maintaining the store's operating costs and supplies. Tip at least 20% of the cost of the tattoo to ensure the artist is paid fairly.

While some places accept walk-ins, it's much better to make an appointment. You can call the artist, visit the website, or send an email to secure an appointment. You may not get the tattoo right away. Seeing them for the first time could result in a final design. Additionally, some pieces require multiple sessions to complete.

(Video) Worst Tattoo Ideas | Tattoo Artists Answer

Shower before your scheduled time to create a clean canvas and keep the room from smelly. Nobody wants to work with a smelly customer. Wear clothes that don't affect placement and that you don't want to ruin. Have the artist shave the area to avoid any bumps or cuts.

Arrive on time and in a sober and healthy state. Getting a sick tattoo is a very bad idea. In addition to putting your artist at risk of getting sick, you are likely to sneeze or cough, making designing correctly challenging. In addition, you will receive adrunk tattooit can lead to regret and an awkward moment for the artist. Avoid even the days when you have your period, as the pain can be more intense.

Bring a friend, but avoid the crowds. Too many people can distract the tattoo artist. Never bring a young child, as they are less likely to display controlled behavior and could damage expensive supplies.

spread the word

Many tattoo artists do business through word of mouth. While social media makes it easy to showcase your work, telling your friends and family about your artist will help them tremendously. Be sure to do your research before making an appointment. Removing a tattoo takes ages and you don't want to be walking around with a shabby piece. The resulting tattoo will be a reflection of you and the artist. If you don't like his style, look elsewhere.


When there's so much to considerGetting your first tattoo, but above all you must respect the trade. Paying a fair price, tipping well, researching the art, having a solid idea, trusting the creative process, and following the golden rule will give you and your tattoo artist the best experience.

When you finally get the tattoo of your dreams, it's imperative that you always follow the tattoo artist's advice closely and make sure you invest in a quality tattoo healing lotion to aid healing.

The best tattoo lotion I've ever used is a vegan product calledAfter tattoo inked Pflegelotion. This material works incredibly well during the healing process; It not only hydrates your tattoo very well, but also relieves annoying itching and irritation. When used early in the healing process, this lotion will help reduce tattoo healing time and remove stubborn dryness and scabs.

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