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Here is the best collection of Ed Mylett motivational quotes.

Ed Mylett is an American businessman, high-performance artist, and public speaker. He is also the president of the agency inglobal financial group.

He has shared the stage and has close personal relationships with other business legends such asToni Robbins, John Maxwell, Phil Knight and many others.

Ed Mylett is perhaps one of the fastest rising corporate personalities in the history of social media. your podcast,The Ed Mylett Showsaw him interview guests likeGrant Cardone,gary vaynerchuckand Andy Frisella.

With a net worth of over $400 million, Ed Mylett is someone you can learn a lot from. Below are the best Ed Mylett quotes that will maximize your success.

Ed Mylett Inspirational Quotes

1. "The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you gain the power to change it."Ed Mylett

2. "Where you are now in life is the sum of the choices you've made."Ed Mylett

3. "The easy road will never lead you to the person you were supposed to be in your life, ever."Ed Mylett

4. "What will kill your dream is obsessing over what others will think of you."Ed Mylett

5. "If it doesn't matter in 5 years, DON'T spend more than 5 minutes getting mad about it."Ed Mylett

6. “What if every day you asked yourself what makes you happy and turns you on; What are you proud of? Can you see how empowered you would feel? –Ed Mylett

7. "If your life ended right now, would you be happy?" Is your book incomplete? You have more work to do, so keep calling the plays. In football, there are only 1 or 2 moves that decide the game. When something doesn't go right, the team doesn't stop to think about what went wrong: they play another game. Keep making plans." –Ed Mylett

8. "The good is the enemy of the great" -Ed Mylett

9. "What you allow will continue" -Ed Mylett

10. "Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you go on anyway."Ed Mylett

11. "What you do when you're not motivated makes the difference between success and failure."Ed Mylett

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12. “It's important that we celebrate our victories. We celebrate our life because it makes us look forward to the next bite. It keeps us hungrier, not the other way around.” –Ed Mylett

13. "It's not enough to say you think the right things. You have to say and say." –Ed Mylett

14. "To achieve your God-sized dreams, you must trust your faith! When your own knowledge, preparation and training are not enough, lean on your confidence and you can bring out the best in yourself and reach a level elite. What is your big dream?Ed Mylett

15 of 77 quotes by Ed Mylett

"Whoever tries to bring you down is beneath you. They cannot have ANY INFLUENCE in your life unless you allow it." –Ed Mylett

16. “People respond much more to energy than to words. They respond to what they feel, not what they hear and see. Hearing and vision are true low-level influences. The energy, the spirit, the transmission of energy is what humans respond to.” –Ed Mylett

17. "You cannot transfer to me what you yourself do not feel."-Ed Mylett

18. "Do you want to do something for your self-esteem? Start doing things no freak would do." –Ed Mylett

19. “I'm not a 'self-made millionaire.' I'm a team made millionaire. Other people helped me get there. No one creates something great alone.” –Ed Mylett

20. "In life, those with the best work ethic and information win."Ed Mylett

21. “The school teaches people that learning is fundamental, but knowledge is not powerful if it is not applied. What separates you from the rest of the group is not necessarily your knowledge, but your ability to apply and implement that knowledge.” –Ed Mylett

22. "The number one vice in the world today is the addiction to the approval of others."Ed Mylett

23. "True friendship isn't about what you can get, it's about what you can give. True friendship is about making sacrifices and investing in people to help improve their lives." –Ed Mylett

24. "I'm here to tell you that maximizing your life means you can and should have it all. You don't have to choose between material dreams and the dream of helping people. Don't believe the fallacy that you can't have it all, that life is so limited.” –Ed Mylett

25. "We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should all talk less and listen more. I mean really listen. The only way to really connect with someone is to really listen and really care about them." –Ed Mylett

26. "When writing your life, focus on the main character: you. You have to become the new main character in your life's script." –Ed Mylett

27. "Every successful person has had to deal with times when there was no reason or logic to suggest they should move forward, lacking motivation and inspiration. Yet they showed up and still put one foot in front of the other." –Ed Mylett

28. "The way you behave in the gym says a lot about how you behave in all other areas of your life. Be punctual. Be consistent. Be disciplined every day. Implement these behaviors in the gym and let them become you." become a catalyst that will change everything in your life!” –Ed Mylett

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29. “The difference between a thought and a decision is the immediate action you take.”-Ed Mylett

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“Whatever you want, don't let the opinions of others stop you. reach them! Your dreams are yours and they are precious.” –Ed Mylett

31. "There is a part of your brain that filters the information that matters most to you, called the Reticular Activating System. The successful people in life are those who have managed to train their RAS to obsess about what they want." –Ed Mylett

32. "I'm chasing a boy. The man I hunt is the best version of myself, the man I can become, the man I was put on this earth for." –Ed Mylett

33. "Your identity is the thermostat of your life" -Ed Mylett

34. "What you imagine in your head, how you imagine yourself and how you imagine the world around you, these are all very important because these things become your focus."Ed Mylett

35. "We should always be in the process of changing and becoming the next best version of ourselves."Ed Mylett

36. "If you're not motivated, get to work! Let your motivation come from work." –Ed Mylett

37. "A key characteristic of elite performers is their commitment to strike the day early - #MaxOut every day." -Ed Mylett

38. “You only get out of life what you tolerate.”-Ed Mylett

39. "Remember, the quality of your life equals the quality of the questions you ask yourself."Ed Mylett

40. “You can't be grateful and a victim at the same time. Stop playing the blame game." –Ed Mylett

41. “Success is within; comes from you.” –Ed Mylett

42. "The reason so many people don't reach their goals is because they haven't become concrete and clear."Ed Mylett

43. "I challenge you to take stock of your current habits and rituals and take immediate action to control them."Ed Mylett

44. “Your obsessions become your possessions.”-Ed Mylett

45 of 77 quotes by Ed Mylett

“The only way to change your life is to make real decisions.” -Ed Mylett

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46. ​​​​​​​​​​“Sustainable success does not happen overnight. True success is the result of constant and sustained effort.” –Ed Mylett

47. "The truth is, if you don't put in the time, effort, and energy every day, someone else will."Ed Mylett

48. "When you're truly committed to your dreams, no obstacle is too big."Ed Mylett

49. "Make decisions, set standards and take actions that bring you closer to becoming the best version of yourself and the person you were born to be."Ed Mylett

50. “Now is the time to become the person you were meant to be. The best #MaxOut version of you." –Ed Mylett

51. "You've got to become your own biggest fan and stop being your own worst critic. Life really is too short to be at war with yourself." –Ed Mylett

52. “The brain is the strongest organ in the body. It's a weapon When you understand how your brain works, you can shape it to manifest more success, more joy, and more happiness in all areas of your life.” –Ed Mylett

53. "The difference between winning and losing is so small it's scary to talk about it."Ed Mylett

54. “No one is part of your life by chance. Anyone who enters our lives can teach us something...as long as we look for the lesson." -Ed Mylett

55. “Life is beautiful. Life is Beautiful. Life is short. Spend it in peace and not at war with yourself.” –Ed Mylett

56. “Most people put a price on their will to win. That is, with enough pain, setbacks, rejection... Most people will give in and sell their will to win when the price is too high... When the pain is too great... When the rejection is too great. When they do this, they are not only selling their dreams, but also their family's dreams and, ultimately, their destiny."Ed Mylett

57. “Being a perfectionist holds us back. It's the biggest obstacle to doing something big in your life.” –Ed Mylett

58. “Don't misunderstand failure. Without failure there would be no success. You need one to reach the other.” –Ed Mylett

59. “I honestly believe that everything in our life happens because of us and not because of us.”-Ed Mylett

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"Blessings are all around you... But you must look."Ed Mylett

61. "Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. Trust that you are being guided. I'm not talking about that nagging voice in your ear rooted in fear and doubt... It's not your real voice. I'm talking about the voice that intuitively tells you what the right next step is. More often than not, that voice is right." –Ed Mylett

62. “Show me one person who has a passionate cause, pursuit, or mission in life and is using their best gifts and talents for that cause, and I'll show you someone with the recipe for happiness. and fulfillment and happiness.” –Ed Mylett

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63. "You need to stop being so general and unclear about what you want. People with non-specific goals have almost no chance of achieving anything meaningful." –Ed Mylett

64. “I realized that I was born to have peace, happiness, and abundance in my life. But first I had to learn to love myself, believe in myself, and encourage myself." –Ed Mylett

65. "Life will eventually give you what you will fight for."Ed Mylett

66. “You don't have to believe everything you think. Not all the thoughts you have are true. Take time to consciously reflect on your way of thinking.” –Ed Mylett

67. “Doubt is just another form of distraction. Ignore this." -Ed Mylett

68. "Make your dreams big enough to fit other people's dreams."Ed Mylett

69. “Fear keeps us from our gifts. On the other side of fear, a gift is revealed to you.” –Ed Mylett

70. "The way to happiness is growth."-Ed Mylett

71. “You need to build vital momentum, and we do that for small gains. Small wins create big wins.” –Ed Mylett

72. “Trust is an inside game. You don't need external praise... external admiration to build confidence. Everything is done internally and you control it from today to keep the promises you make to yourself."Ed Mylett

73. "When you start doing the things you tell yourself you're going to do, you start to build confidence, that's the reputation with yourself."Ed Mylett

74. “The process of building trust is really quite simple. Trust is trust. Trust makes you a reputation... Keep your word, keep the promises they make you. –Ed Mylett

75 of 77 quotes from Ed Mylett

"Reframe everyone and convince yourself that you deserve to win."Ed Mylett

76. "Accept the fact that you need to get rid of these distractions in order to achieve something big."Ed Mylett

77. “One extra hour a day is 365 extra hours a year to WIN! Over a five-year period, that's the equivalent of adding seventy-six days of productive work to your business or goal achievement. It's a way to literally have more time in your day.” –Ed Mylett

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