Brewers Fayre UK menu and prices (updated Jan 2023) (2023)

Brewers Fayre-Menüis a very popular chain of restaurants in the United Kingdom. It specializes in preparing and serving quality breakfasts, affordable daily specials and Sunday roasts, as well as a variety of beverages. All gourmets prefer this restaurant for its fresh and delicious food.

We try to provide the latest information for theBrewers Fayre UK-Menubut may vary by location. For accurate menu prices, we recommend visiting nearby outlets. Also check out the latestPret un gerenteUK menu. Here we give you the latestBrewers Fayre menu with pricesfor 2023:

Menu Ciabatta Recheado Brewers Fayre

itens do menuPrices
hot and spicy chicken£ 5,99
fish sticks£ 5,99
Ham and melted cheese£ 5,99
may tuna£ 5,99
Melted Barbecue Chicken£ 5,99

A great starting point

itens do menuPrices
tomato soup3,09 £
chicken wing£ 4,79
tempura shrimp4,99 €
Chicken and Pork Liver Pâté£ 4,39
Kombi-festa£ 9,29
Aged Cheddar Cheese and Gooey Onion Pie4,59€
Coudelarias Chicken of the South4,99 €
Derreter Brie Bites4,99 €
Breaded mushrooms with garlic and herbs3,99 €
crab cocktail4,99 €
Crispy Potato Dippers£ 4,19
Fish cake with smoked haddock4,99 €

Would you like to enjoy cocktails? must visitMenu do Cozy Club UK.

Brewers Fayre Startermenü

itens do menuPrices
tomato soup2,59€
Coudelarias Chicken of the South4,59€
loaded nachos3,99 €
thick pork pie£ 4,49
Sweet Chili Shrimp£ 4,79
Breaded mushrooms with garlic and herbs3,99 €
Chicken and Vegetable Soup£ 3,29
Half a dozen chicken wings£ 4,79
classic shrimp cocktail£ 4,79
Spicy Sweet Potato Dipper2,99€

You can't beat the classics

itens do menuPrices
Smoked chicken with paprika9,99€
Puree and Stuffed Yorkshire Ultimate Sausage9,59 £
Pollo al-Curry-Tikka£ 9,29
Slow cooked lamb shank£ 11,99
chicken garlic chicken9,99€
grilled chicken9,79€
mexican beef chili£ 9,19
Meat Pudding and Doom Bar®£ 10,79
grilled ham steak£ 9,19
Sausage, egg and french fries7,49€

share the challenge

itens do menuPrices
dozen chicken wings7,79€
loaded nachos7,99 €

Menu do prato principal do Brewers Fayre

itens do menuPrices
grilled chicken£ 9,29
Steak, Mushrooms and Guinness Pie8,99€
grilled ham steak£ 8,29
Sausage and final puree8,99€
chicken and vegetable pie8,99€
Chicken and french fries£ 9,29
Thai chicken curry9,99€
biscuits and puree£ 6,49
Slow cooked lamb shank£ 11,99
Pollo Tikka Masala8,99€
Sausage, egg and french fries£ 6,79

Brewers Fayre Snack-Menü

itens do menuPrices
fish goujon sandwich£ 6,19
Shrimp Sandwich£ 6,19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich£ 6,19
cheese and ham sandwich£ 6,19

choose your sides

itens do menuPrices
Baked Onion Rings£ 2,29
cabbage salad1,69€
Fries (Upgrade Ihrer Fries)0,99 €
Cheese and Garlic Bread£ 2,79
Mix of green vegetables2,49€
mozzarella sticks2,99€
Jalapeños with cheese (5 pieces)2,99€
mixed salty2,59€
bowl of chips£ 2,29
additional part3,99 €
Macaroni Cheese Bites2,99€

Brewers Fayre Hot Dogs e Burger-Menü

itens do menuPrices
classic hot dog8,99€
Brauer Fayre Burguer8,49€
the new yorker9,49€
the southwest8,49€
veggie burger8,49€

Brewers Fayre 2022 Updated Menu

Brewers Fayre is famous for its delicious food, so they introduce new flavors to their menu from time to time. That's why everyone who visits this restaurant always comes back for something unique and fresh for dinner.Updated Brewers Fayre Menu. There are so many items worth trying, but we'll only review the best items.Brewers Fayre Menü:

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Brewers Fayre Breakfast Menu

Brewer's Fayre BreakfastIt's the best option when you need a quick breakfast meal. You will be treated to an array of British-style dishes that will lift your spirits and make your taste buds happy. There are basically two types of breakfast on the menu, the first being the unlimited cooked breakfast which costs £9.50.

That's itbreakfast offerIt's just fascinating because you get a lot of food, including different types of eggs, bacon, pudding, etc. Also, two children under 16 can eat for free!

The other is the unlimited continental breakfast, which includes yoghurts, spreads, jams, baked goods, breads, fruit and American pancakes, all priced at £7.50.

Brewers Fayre UK menu and prices (updated Jan 2023) (1)

Menu de valor diurno Brewers Fayre

Menu de valor diurno Brewers Fayreis another fascinating variety of foods that you are sure to love to try. Daytime Value meals include signature burgers, chicken and curry dishes, as well as other seasonal dishes. For something that tastes divine, don't miss the Brewers Classic Cheeseburger and Club Sandwich.

The cheeseburger is served with signature burger sauce, skinless fries, and flavorful mayo. You should know that these tasty daily specials are only available on weekdays.

Brewers Fayre Sunday roast

If you want something exciting in your eating routine, give it a try.Menu de Brewers Fayre Sunday RoastThis includes various spicy foods and baked goods. You can enjoy hand-carved slices of their succulent, slow-cooked meat. You can also choose from beef, turkey or ham or a combination of all three and all the trimmings including unlimited roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

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All these amazing ingredients make the most of their bottomless roast dishes, available especially on Sundays. Prices are kept very low on holidays so people can enjoy amazing food with peace of mind.

Brewers Fayre UK menu and prices (updated Jan 2023) (2)

Brewers Fayre Holiday Menu

Worried about how to make your meals special for Christmas, Easter or other religious holidays? Then worry no more as the Brewers Fayre Festive Menu has the solution to your special dining problem. Celebratory appetizers include tomato soup, beef, macaroni and cheese as an entree, and a few drinks. Likewise, Festive Mains includes a variety of turkeys, hamburgers, fried chicken, and other dishes. You might also end up ordering festive desserts that taste so smooth they melt in your mouth.

Brewers Fayre Sunday roast

Brewers Fayre Sunday RoastAlways appreciated by customers, the restaurant prides itself on offering delicious grills at reasonable prices. Visit Brewers Fayre every Sunday for a great Sunday roast for just £9.99. Still hungry now? For just £1 more, go big.

Don't forget to check the latestPret un gerenteMenu.

Have your delicious slow-cooked pork cut into hand-carved pieces. You can choose from beef, turkey, ham or a combination of all three, along with unlimited roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

Brewers Fayre UK menu and prices (updated Jan 2023) (3)

About Brauer Fayre

Brewers Fayre is a British chain of pubs and restaurants originally established near Preston in 1979. It was initially known as The Farmers Arms but later changed to its current name. This supermarket chain grew so quickly that, in 1995, 52 outlets were opened across the country to meet public demand.

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As of 2018, Brewers Fayre had 161 active locations across the UK. Throughout its existence, this restaurant chain has been highly regarded for its pub food and Sunday carvery.

Brewers Fayre UK menu and prices (updated Jan 2023) (4)

Cervejaria Fayre-Filialen

Brewer Fyre hatMore than 160 points of saleacross the UK from where you can enjoy your delicious meals. Here is the list of allDelivery of Brewere FayreUK locations:

Bicester Brewers Fayre
Bicester, UK +44 1869 363901
⋅ 07.04

Gran Parque Brauer Fayre
Birmingham, UK +44 121 457 6630
⋅ 07.04

Royal Forest Brewers Festival
London, United Kingdom No Premier Inn London Chingford Hotel +44 20 8523 7246
⋅ 07.04

Papiermühle Brewers Fayre
High Wycombe, Reino Unido · Im Hotel Premier Inn High Wycombe / Beaconsfield · +44 1494 510852
⋅ 07.04

Bexleyheath Brewers Fair
Bexleyheath, Great Britain +44 20 3031 6272
⋅ 07.04

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Cockermouth Brauer Fair
Cockermouth, UK +44 1900 518997
⋅ 07.04

Great Yarmouth Brauer Fayre
Greater Yarmouth, UK +44 1493 806254
⋅ 07.04

Swansea Vale Brewers Festival
Swansea, UK +44 1792 311920
⋅ 07.04

Winsor Hausbrauer Fayre
London, United Kingdom No Premier Inn London Beckton Hotel +44 20 7511 3840
⋅ 07.04

Bristol Lewins Met Brewers Fayre
Bristol, UK +44 117 244 1237
⋅ 07.04

Chafford's Hundred Brewers Fayre
United Kingdom +44 1375 481153
⋅ 07.04

Stourbridge Brewers Fayre Town Center
Stourbridge, UK +44 1562 544145
Opens at 6:30 am. M

To view all Brewer FayreLocationsYou must visit their official website.

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