Is Ed Mylett a scammer? (2023)

Hello my friends. My name is Chad Napier and welcome to More.seo crap. This week, we're putting a new spin on search engine optimization and digital marketing, bringing our attention to “EUs Ed Mylett a fraud?” For some, Ed Mylett has come out of nowhere on social media and is climbing the charts in extraordinary numbers. His business advice is out of place. But the question remains... is it a scam? Or just another influencer! Also how does Ed Mylett relate toSEO-Unsinn.

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Well years ago I know Ed Mylett and I met him many times while working for his company from 2003 to 2008. You might think my advice here will be biased but hold on. If you know me, I don't mind criticizing companies and people, especially when they aren't doing their best. I don't care if a company makes billions of dollars if they aren't doing the right thing for their employees, customers and clients... Well, shame on you (such as ride-sharing and food delivery companies, which are known to take advantage of their employees, paying below minimum wage and hiding behind contracts with independent contractors. Why can these companies still operate in the United States?).

Back then with Ed Mylett...

I remember late 2003 and I was working at World Group Securities and WFG; and they asked me two questions:

  1. what books do you read
  2. Which seminars, workshops, etc. are you participating?

Is Ed Mylett a scammer? (2)Back then I wasn't an avid reader. The only books I read were related to nutrition, fitness and martial arts. Also, you're talking to a person who never read a book in high school or college. So you can guess what my answer to question number one was.

Then question two was asked:What seminars and workshops do you attend?It was pretty much the same answer: "I didn't do any except the martial arts and fitness seminars because I liked that."

I will never forget the answer,“Chad, how can you expect to lead a department, company or people if you don't practice what you preach? If you don't improve yourself, how can you expect to mentor other employees or people? Of course I couldn't answer because it made too much sense.

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This is the main problem I have seen over the years with individuals, companies, and even digital marketing and SEO companies. Employees don't develop anymore! They know the job semantics needed to fulfill their job description and stop learning. So the question of the day is...

How can they manage you or your business when they have stopped growing? Also, why would you take the advice of someone or an employee who hasn't achieved what they want through SEO and digital media companies where most employees only have 1-2 years of experience?

Ed Mylett: A hoax?

If you think Ed Mylett is a scammer, think again! Yes, he is a millionaire. And also, I must say, a cash millionaire! Let's take it a step further, a debt free millionaire. When it comes to sundaes, we put the icing on the cake... Ed Mylett is a self-made millionaire. In fact, just in opinion, as self-made as they get in today's society.

Is Ed Mylett a scammer? (3)Ed Mylett helped bring WFG to where the company is today. When I say help build, I don't mean managing paid media, running ads, or investing $100,000 a month in campaigns. I mean he built it ORGANIC (old school marketing). Organic marketing is the premise of SEO: build your business digitally without paid media.

Every time a person organically creates a company, account, or department, there is aMUCH MORE RESPECT. Also, it takes a lot more experience to build a business.organicThey build businesses through paid advertisements.

That's my whole problem with digital media companies - they hire 20-year-olds to manage the semantics of paid ads. They cannot grow or build their business organically. So why should you take their advice?

SEO is by Ed Mylett

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What I love about Ed Mylett is that he really built a company.ORGANICbeing a young punk from the beginning... I'm kidding by the way. He was not looking for investors, and besides, there was no digital media at that time in his life. so bigI respectThis Guy If you want to know how to start a business and what it takes then this is your guy.

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The REAL Organic Marketing Skills...

behind all thisBacharel em Marketingand building a business, what are the real skills needed? The problem today is that there are too many marketers in the world who just tell you to listen. And to top it off, you haven't even gotten what you want in life. You have to understand, it's risky to tell people the truth because they might not like you; they might not follow you or buy your products, etc. But what you need to understand is that when someone tells you what you want to hear, it hurts your business. It doesn't get better, it hurts. The truth, while sometimes (maybe most times) hurts, makes you grow and change for the better.

The truth about organic marketing is that you flip as many dishes as you can at once. That doesn't sound sexy, but it's the truth. Let me give you an example! Yes, you have a website, learn SEO on all social media channels, butALSOYou do it…

  1. Relationship marketing: You build relationships with people.
  2. When people ask you, "What do you do at work?" He created little details of what he does for a living that are fascinating.
  3. You get involved in your community at community outings and events.
  4. Depending on your niche, you are involved in trade shows. For example, if you're an author, go to every bookstore in your area and participate.
  5. Personal development: At the same time, you work on your own personal development: you buy books and programs, attend seminars, and surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve.
  6. This list can be continued indefinitely...

Well, that's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. And that's what all successful entrepreneurs and companies do, but for some reason digital marketers and digital marketing agencies in particular want to spread a false fantasy around building a brand. The biggest sin in marketing is telling people what they want to hear, whether it's true or not!

Going deeper…

Another good example is social media management. It's between day and night what a marketing agency is going to do for you and what you should do. All a marketing agency will do is put your posts in a planner and that's it. Let's say you pay an agency $500 a month (which is very modest) to manage your social media. Whatever the total posting deal is, all they do is add the post to a scheduler without interacting with the audience and it probably takes 30 minutes. So you paid them $500 for 30 minutes of work to destroy their social media... hahaha

The truth is... manage your own social networks orrent at home. You need to interact with people and your own voice, which means you're interacting with people, not someone else or a company. Influencers with huge followings, that's exactly what they do. You interact with people throughout the day. they areNOHire an agency and add posts to a programmer and that's it. It has to be worked on! Period!

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