List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (2023)

Learn the full list of ghost weapons and evolving tactics techniques in Ghost of Tsushima. It contains information about Kunai, Black Powder Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Wind Chime and the best ghost weapons.


  • Priority to unlock ghost weapons
  • Evolving Tactical Techniques

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Best Techniques/Skills
all posturesAll samurai techniques

See how to get Tech Points here

Priority to unlock ghost weapons

Spirit Weapons are unlocked by increasing Legend rank

List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (4)

After the Kunai, your first spirit weapon, the remaining 4 spirit weapons can be unlocked in any order. Try to pick one that suits your main play style.

Check out the Legendary Ranks Guide!

Priority recommendation to unlock ghost weapons

priorityspiritual weapons
hochsticky bomb
Noblack powder bomb
Lowwind chime

Recommended Sticky Bomb to unlock after Kunai

Stickybombs deal moderate to staggering area of ​​effect damage and work similarly to black powder bombs. However, the Sticky Bomb does not require manual aiming, as it is a rapid release weapon and will stick to the target, eliminating the risk of missing.

Wind chimes should be the last option

Wind Chimes are made exclusively for distraction and stealth play. It does no damage and is no longer useful after entering combat. Compared to other weapons in terms of versatility, we recommend using the Wind Chime as the last item to unlock.

The entire Ghost Weapon & Techniques skill tree

* Level up Legend of Ghost to unlock new weapons.


List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (5)

(Video) GHOST OF TSUSHIMA | Advanced Combat Guide: Mastering Stances
A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies, staggering them. Remaining R2+D-Pad to equip Kunai
L + R1 button to play
hidden blade
(1 point)
Throw 1 additional kunai.No
serrated bladesKunai causes either damage.No

Kunai can be used quickly, an extra projectile and damage boost can go a long way. If you don't have a specific ghost weapon you want to upgrade, consider investing in that weapon first.

black powder bomb

List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (6)

Thrown explosive that damages and stuns enemies caught in the blast. L2+D-Pad Left to select Throw
L2 + ○ to equip
L2+R2 for lanzar
concussion explosionKnock down enemies hit by the shock wave of a black powder bomb.hoch
Explosive ScrapnellAdds shrapnel to Black Powder Bomb, increasing its damage and blast radius.No

"Concussive Blast" can knock down the enemy and open up a group of enemies for free hits. This can be useful when you are facing hordes of enemies at once.


List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (7)

Releases a thick cloud of smoke at your feet, causing enemies to lose sight of you. R2 + D-Pad down to equip smoke bombs
throw R1
blinding dustSmoke bombs temporarily blind enemies caught in their explosion. The smoke also lasts longer before disappearing.Low
healing incenseSmoke bomb vapors restore some of your health.Low

If only used to escape, an unimproved smoke bomb will do the trick. Consider upgrading if you are playing on a higher difficulty setting or if you are stuck in the latter part of the game.

sticky bomb

List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (8)

(Video) Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut | ADVANCED COMBAT ON IKI ISLAND
Throws a tar bomb that sticks to your enemy. R2 + D-Pad to equip sticky bombs
Stick L+R1 to launch
stored garbageYou will no longer be affected by a bomb explosion.No
explosive sprayerA direct hit with the sticky bomb kills the target, causes a larger blast radius, and deals more damage to enemies hit by the blast.hoch

Explosive Powder increases area of ​​effect and damage dealt. This also guarantees a one-hit kill for one of the enemies caught with the bomb, and can be a great way to get tough enemies out of combat.

wind chime

List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (9)

Throws a small bell to attract an enemy's attention. L2+D-Pad Left to select Throw
L2+□ to equip Wind Chime
L2+R2 for lanzar
crackerLaunches fireworks to attract multiple enemies to a location. L2+D-Pad Left to select Throw
L2+△ to equip fireworks
L2+R2 for lanzar

Upgrading to Firecracker can pull in multiple enemies at once, but its use is limited. However, you can combine this weapon with Sticky Bomb or Explosive Arrow to take out groups of enemies with devastating effect.

The entire evolving tactical skill tree.

* Continue your story to unlock new techniques.

recover health

Get a moderate amount of health at the cost of the ResolveD block to start
Costs 1 determination
iron willSave yourself from defeat when you are hurt. D-pad down to start
Costs 1 determination

It doesn't seem to be very useful since your HP will still be a killing blow even after you get up. This game does not punish the player for dying, so you have to restart the fight after respawning if you fall, instead of continuing the current game.


Challenge enemies in a one-on-one matchup. D-Pad up to start
Hold △ and release △ when the enemy attacks
Grants 3 Willpower on Success
matchup streakAfter a successful engagement, an enemy will attack and deal a fatal blow. Wait for the enemy to attack
Press △ or □ while swinging
Grants additional resolve on success.
Improved deadlock sequenceAfter a successful showdown, two enemies will rush in and deal a deadly blow. Wait for the enemy to attack
Press △ or □ while swinging
Grants additional resolve on success.
(Video) Ghost Of Tsushima Best Armor Sets In The Game & How To Get Them (Ghost Of Tsushima Armor)

Standoff is a great way to start a fight with Resolve. Killing extra enemies while gaining extra resolve is also a great investment. If you are low on skill points, consider maxing out this skill.


Use the arc path. Hold L2 to aim
R2 to shoot
concentrationBriefly decrease the time while trying to improve accuracy. R3 while aiminghoch
mental strengthReduces focus cooldown by 15%.No
Improved Mental ToughnessReduces focus cooldown by 30%.No

The concentration makes the bow very versatile in almost any situation. Although it does have a cooldown, you might want to invest in this ability if you're an avid marksman. This ability also works hand in hand when used witharmadura de Tadayori.

> Check out the ultimate building guide!


Kill unsuspecting enemies with a silent and brutal stealth attack. □ Near or above the unaware enemy
safe landingTaxi just before landing to avoid damage from all but the highest falls ○ just before landinghoch
KettenmordKill two nearby targets in quick succession.△ to startNo
Enhanced Chain KillersKill up to three nearby targets in rapid succession.△ to startLow

Safe Landing is a great early game skill and will even come in handy for scouting. Chain Assassination is also a good investment, but the improved Chain Assassination can be saved for later as it's pretty rare to have 3 enemies crammed into one spot.

focused listening

Detect nearby enemies by sounds. Press touchpad to focus
distant hearingLocate enemies further away by listening with deeper focus.No
sneak audienceMove faster when you use focused listening.Low
The killer's instinctSee an aura that flickers around assassination targets when your allies are alerted to their death.Low

"Remote Listening" is a great ability when going into a higher difficulty or a later game where there are large groups of enemies in one position. Other skills should be saved for later when you have extra skill points.


Assassinate an enemy behind a Shoji gate□ near an unsuspecting enemy

Shoji Assassination is a passive ability that cannot be upgraded.

ghost attitude

Sneak up on enemy bosses to kill them and enter the Ghost Stance.

Phantom Stance will automatically unlock duringAct 2. The spirit of YarikawaSearch history and can not be improved.

(Video) 7 Tips To Make You A Pro At Ghost of Tsushima

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List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (10)

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List of all evolving ghost weapons and tactics | Ghost of Tsushima - GameWith (11)

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All parts of the katana.all armor
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What is the most useful Ghost Weapon in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Ghost of Tsushima | Best Ghost and Ghost Weapon upgrades

Kunai and Smoke Bombs are probably the strongest. The former can be used frequently to break through the defences of groups of enemies and can be used liberally for an easy life. Smoke Bombs on the other hand have both offensive and defensive utility.

Can you unlock all techniques in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

It's possible to unlock every Technique in Ghost of Tsushima, but you'll need to reach the maximum Legend Rank and conquer every Mongol war camp. This is the only way that you can amass enough Technique Points to purchase every perk. As such, you'll want to prioritise certain skills based on your style of play.

What is the final ghost technique? ›

Ghost Techniques: Ghost Weapons

The third and final tab of Ghost Of Tsushima's techniques relates to Jin's Ghost Weapons – activated by tapping R1 – and a series of Evolving Tactics that you can develop throughout the game. You unlock a Ghost Weapon every time your legend meter increases.

What is the most op armor in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

The Sarugami Armor is perhaps the new best armor in Ghost of Tsushima. This is the best definition of risk and reward. The armor's special ability allows players to use a combo whenever they get a perfect parry against an enemy. This new counterattack can chain up to three times when the armor is fully upgraded.

What is the coolest armor in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Sarugami Armor

As it stands, the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sarugami Armor, a highly powerful set that gives its wearer the ability to carve up fatal combos whenever a perfect parry is executed.

What is the best legendary in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends – All Legendary Gear Items & What They Do
  1. 1 Demon Seeds. Legendary Caltrops.
  2. 2 Mist Of Yagata. Legendary Smoke Bomb. ...
  3. 3 Lady Sanjo's Surprise. Legendary Dirt Throw. ...
  4. 4 Kenji's Shared Brew. Legendary Healing Gourd. ...
  5. 5 The Touch Of Heaven. Legendary Sticky Bomb. ...
  6. 6 Spirit Kunai. ...
  7. 7 Last Breath. ...
  8. 8 Enjo's Remorse. ...
Jun 16, 2021

Can you 100% Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get the Platinum Trophy. It's entirely possible to earn all of the Trophies in Ghost of Tsushima in a single playthrough. None of the game's Trophies are missable, and there are no Trophies tied to difficulty.

Can you fully upgrade everything in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

You'll be able to upgrade everything eventually. It'll just take a while until you get there.

Does Jin Sakai have powers? ›

Jin gains access to a variety of tools, such as kunai, smoke bombs and black powder bombs. Later on, Jin can also use the blowgun to poison his enemies, and outside of combat, he can use the grappling hook to navigate across impassable terrain.

What is the best charm in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

12 Best Charms In Ghost Of Tsushima (& Where To Find Them)
  1. 1 Charm Of Takemikazuchi. Killing an enemy grants a small damage buff for a few seconds.
  2. 2 Charm Of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto. ...
  3. 3 Charm Of Shinatsuhiko. ...
  4. 4 *Charm Of Tsukuyomi. ...
  5. 5 Charm Of Inari. ...
  6. 6 Charm Of Toxic Demise. ...
  7. 7 Charm Of Hoori-No-Mikoto. ...
  8. 8 Charm Of Mizu-No-Kami. ...
Sep 17, 2022

Is there any other sword in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Players won't be able to unlock any additional swords or Tantos, but they can unlock and equip other weapons. The main weapons that you'll be using in Ghost of Tsushima include the Sakai Katana, Sakai Tanto, Half Bow, and Long Bow.

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima 2? ›

Although Sucker Punch Productions has not officially announced Ghost of Tsushima 2, Jin Sakai's story is not necessarily over yet. There are many routes that a potential Ghost of Tsushima 2 could take, including following the first game as an adaption of Japanese history.

What is Jin Sakai best weapon? ›

The Sakai Katana is the main primary weapon used by Jin Sakai during the Mongol Invasion on the Island of Tsushima. It is used alongside with the Sakai Tanto and makes up the "Sakai Steel".

What is the sharpest samurai sword? ›

The Honjō Masamune represented the Tokugawa shogunate during most of the Edo period and was passed down from one shōgun to another. It is one of the best known of the swords created by Masamune and is believed to be among the finest Japanese swords ever made. It was made a Japanese National Treasure (Kokuhō) in 1939.

What is the best samurai armor? ›

Elden Ring: Best Samurai Armor
  • You can access the set after defeating Elemer of the Briar, the final boss in The Shaded Castle. ...
  • The Briar Set has an average damage negation of 25.5 and a weight of 25.2. ...
  • Notably, combining Bloodhound Step with the armor set can inflict more damage on your enemies.
Nov 6, 2022

What is the max level in Ghost of Tsushima story mode? ›

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends divides its missions into four difficulty types: bronze, silver, gold, and nightmare. With each difficulty, the potential for better rewards increases, allowing players to climb their way up to 110 eventually.

What is the max level in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

The max level in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends right now is 110 Ki. Right now, you can only obtain rewards of up to 105 Ki from completing regular missions. If you want to bump yourself all the way up to the highest level, you'll need to complete the Weekly Nightmare-level challenges.

Which Techniques are best Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Players will first need to get the Unyielding Sword Parry and Deflect Arrows, but both are great techniques. The reason why this technique is particularly important is that, without it, all spear attacks are unblockable.

What Armour is Jin wearing on the cover? ›

Protagonist Jin, in his striking black custom samurai armor, has been a big part of Ghost of Tsushima's marketing, clearly made to illustrate the masked vigilante he's willing to become to defeat the threat invading his home.

What is the best stealth armor in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

The Ghost Armor reduces the number of kills that you need, making it a lot easier to activate Ghost Stance. Stealth kills also count towards Ghost Stance, so in a way, the Ghost Armor is arguably the best stealth-based set in the game.

Is Ronin armor good? ›

Ronin's Set excels in the Immunity attribute. Its heavy weight is surely a drawback but other advantages cover it. Briar Set is the best Armor for Samurai Class. A higher poise makes it more effective.

What armor do you get for killing Shimura? ›

The items you receive for killing Shimura also have that air of “good choice” to them with the beautiful white Ghost Armor and residence in Dawn Refuge. If you'd rather have the red Ghost Armor variant called Vow of Vengeance and a residence in Tradition's End, you'll need to spare Shimura.

How do you get red Ghost Armor? ›

The Ghost Armor is a piece of gear that you'll receive as long as you complete the main story quests in Ghost of Tsushima.

Is Sakai Clan Armor the best? ›

The Sakai Clan Armor is the best armor for combat, as it majorly increases melee damage, gives a huge boost to health, and also increases a player's Standoff streak by two. Even more, if the player wins a standoff, it gives them a 25% chance of terrifying nearby enemies.

What is the hardest fight in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

10 Hardest Duels In Ghost Of Tsushima
  • The Spirit of Yarikawa. She's not really a spirit, but you better believe this is one tough lady. ...
  • Yasuhira Koga. ...
  • The Tengu Demon. ...
  • General Temuge. ...
  • Kojiro. ...
  • Lady Masako. ...
  • The Eagle. ...
  • Lord Shimura.

What trophy do you get for killing Lord Shimura? ›

The only rewards for either ending are a new set of dyes for your Ghost armor, granting you a new look in either ending. If you killed Shimura, you'll get the "Righteous Punishment" white coloration for your armor, as well as the Ghost mask and headband.

Can you get rid of all the Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

You can fully liberate a section of Tsushima by clearing out all Mongol camps and occupied farmsteads. Just look for red icons on your map. Those are all Mongol territories.

Can you beat Ghost of Tsushima honorably? ›

While there are some points in the game where you essentially have to be dishonorable and assassinate some folks, for the most part, you can fight how you want.

How do you get Tomoe's darkness? ›

Finally, if you complete New Game +, you'll get the Tomoe's Darkness Mask, a black version of Tomoe's Shattered Mask.
He sells the following exclusive wares, not available at any other merchant:
  1. Outfit Dyes, Hats and Masks. ...
  2. Ishikawa and Ryuzo's outfits can be bought as skins for the Tadayori and Kensei Armors.
Oct 5, 2022

What is the best upgrade path in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

You should first upgrade the Strength of Mountains skill that increases stagger damage against sword blocks. The hardest fights are one-on-one duels against swordsmen, so you'll want every advantage. This will make sure you can dismantle their defenses quicker.

How do you get white ghost armor dye? ›

You can find the white dye merchant shacked up in Tsushima's first region, Izuhara. They'll be located at the peak of the mountain within Wanderer's Pass.

Does Jin Sakai have a wife? ›

Jin has no siblings, or wife, meaning he is the sole member of his clan.

Who is Jin's mom Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Lady Chiyoko Sakai was the mother of Jin Sakai and wife of Jin's father, Lord Kazumasa Sakai of Clan Sakai. She was also the sister of Lord Shimura. She died from an illness when Jin was seven years old, changing Kazumasa forever.

Who is the real Ghost of Tsushima? ›

The game follows the story of Jin Sakai, a samurai on a mission to protect the island of Tsushima from the fierce Mongol armies. The journey sees him call into question the moral code he has abided by his entire life, as he is forced to make some tough decisions.

Do headbands matter Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Headbands are vanity items that Jin Sakai can equip under the headgear portion of the Gear menu. They are purely cosmetic and grant no additional bonuses.

What is the best option at the end of Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Which is the Right Path? While obviously open to interpretation, there's a myriad of reasons as to why the “honorable” path is the right ending for Ghost of Tsushima. For one, the choice to have Jin kill his Uncle is a necessary one to bring their relationship to its natural conclusion.

Can you save Doshun and Togo? ›

Here you'll discover both Doshin the monk, and Togo, Hotoke's husband, who are both captured by Mongols on opposite sides of the beach. Unfortunately, as Jin points out, there's no way to rescue one without tipping off the Mongols on the other side of the beach, causing them to execute the other captive.

Can you get a gun in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Jin Sakai has access to a small but reliable arsenal of weapons to take on the Mongol invaders in Ghost of Tsushima.

How do you get the flaming sword in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

How to start The Undying Flame in Ghost of Tsushima. The Undying Flame is the final Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima, and becomes available once you successfully clear the Mongols out from Jogaku Temple at the start of Act 3.

Do you get another samurai horse Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Available horses

During the prologue, after the battle on Komoda beach when Jin is escaping from the Mongols with Yuna, you are given the choice between three horses at the stable. A fourth horse is added for those with the digital deluxe or collector's edition of the game.

Who is Jin Sakai based on? ›

As such, protagonist Jin Sakai isn't based on a historical figure, although some of his actions in the game, such as learning Mongol tactics (the Way of the Ghost) to wage war against the invaders, are inspired by historical events.

What happens to Yuna after Ghost of Tsushima? ›

After their escape, Yuna and Taka presumably live a nomadic life on Tsushima Island until the Mongols invaded.

Is Lord Shimura Jin's mother's brother? ›

Lord Shimura (志村 Shimura) is the tritagonist of Ghost of Tsushima. He is the jito (地頭; lord) of Tsushima (appointed by the shogunate) and Jin Sakai's maternal uncle. After Jin's father died, Shimura continued Jin's training in the way of the samurai.

What is Tsushima Act 3 Ghost? ›

Act 3: Kill the Khan directly follows From the Darkness and takes place mainly in the Kamiagata region of Tsushima (although there are a few quests that will take Jin back to Toyotama). It is the final act of the main story campaign and concludes Ghost of Tsushima.

What do all the stances do in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Abilities. Combat stances are different types of fighting styles that Jin Sakai can take upon during combat. The player can switch between them at any point. A stance is more effective against a specific sub-set of enemies and it amplifies his attacks.

Which armor is best Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Sarugami Armor

As it stands, the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sarugami Armor, a highly powerful set that gives its wearer the ability to carve up fatal combos whenever a perfect parry is executed.

Will Tsushima 2 Ghost happen? ›

Will there be Ghost of Tsushima 2? It certainly appears that way based on one 'leak' we've seen so far. By all means, take this with a pinch of salt, but to some the below 'leak' is more or less a red flag that Ghost of Tsushima 2 has been confirmed by Sucker Punch Productions and may already be in production.

Is Tsushima a 120 Ghost? ›

Mastery Challenges are a new mechanic added to the game in its most recent update, and they allow Ghost of Tsushima: Legends players to take their level 110 gear all the way up to level 120.

What does the Moon stance do? ›

A powerful stance that utilizes kicks and spinning attacks to be a disruptive force, it specializes in total disruption, either through its Heavy Attack chain on a single enemy or to an entire envoy of enemies with the held Heavy Attack.

Which stance is best against Ryuzo? ›

It probably doesn't need saying, but we'll say it anyway: stick to Stone Stance for the best chance of defeating Ryuzo, as it's a perfect counter to any opponent with a sword. If you're having trouble, switch to the Samurai Clan Armor for the health and defensive boost.

What happens if you beat the boss in the beginning of Ghost of Tsushima? ›

While it may look like players can beat Khotun early on, the game actually forces players into a cutscene to progress the story. So, unfortunately, players can't beat Khotun Khan during the first boss fight. Players will always be forced into the same cutscene at a certain point.

How do you get overpowered the Ghost of Tsushima? ›

10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Samurai In Ghost Of Tsushima
  1. 4 Evolving Tactics – Standoff Streak.
  2. 5 Learn The Spear Defense Skill (Wind Stance) ...
  3. 6 Learn Surging Strikes Skill (Water Stance) ...
  4. 7 Learn Unyielding Spear Parry. ...
  5. 8 Learn Unyielding Sword Parry. ...
  6. 9 Learn Deflect Arrows. ...
  7. 10 Focus On The Deflection Tree. ...
Jul 23, 2020

Is Sakai Clan Armor better than Ghost armor? ›

The Best Armors In Ghost Of Tsushima

The Sakai Clan Armor is the best armor for combat, as it majorly increases melee damage, gives a huge boost to health, and also increases a player's Standoff streak by two.


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