Tattoo Etiquette 101: Things Tattoo Artists Love (Do's & Don'ts) (2023)

Going to a tattoo parlor to make an appointment seems to be pretty easy overall. You walk in, talk about the tattoo design, get the tattoo done, then pay and leave. However, between these major events, as a tattoo client, you must be educated on a certain etiquette that is expected of all clients in all tattoo parlors across the world. In order to have a good tattoo experience, you must follow some rules.

If you're not familiar with these rules, you've come to the right place. In the following paragraphs, we talk about all the things you doshould or should not before, during and even after the tattoofinished. So, without further ado, let's get started!

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Rules and recommendations for tattoo clients.

Before tattoo marking

  • investigate please– Find a tattoo parlor that meets your needs and preferences. Make sure they provide a reasonable and professional service, and look for public reviews of the study. Find out about the tattoo artists who work there and what kind of work they do. Tattoo parlors have a strong online presence these days, so check their social media pages for images and catalogs of their work.
  • Know what kind of tattoo you want– When you go for a tattoo appointment, you should keep in mind a possible tattoo design. Find some reference images to bring back, or pitch your ideas to the tattoo artist who can refine them into the final design. Anyway, don't come empty handed. The actual process will take a lot of time and the tattoo artist will not be able to easily guess what you would like.
  • Don't use other people's tattoos as inspiration.– no self-respecting tattoo artist will offer thisCopy another tattoo artist's work for your tattoo. So be careful not to look to other people's tattoos for design inspiration. Using other people's work and designs is appropriate and could get your tattoo artist in legal trouble.
  • Choose an available date– When making an appointment, be sure to select a date when you are fully available. It is rude to postpone a tattoo appointment unless something serious or an emergency is involved. So be sure to contact the studio to discuss a possible date.
  • Do not drink or consume any substance– Stay away from alcohol or other substances for a few days before your appointment.Alcohol can thin the blood, which will cause you to bleed profusely when getting tattooed. This will get in the way of the tattoo artist and make things confusing.

When looking for a potential tattoo artist for your ink, remember that tattoo artists have a different style. So make sure the tattoo artist's style is what you want or keep an open mind to possible changes in your idea. Also, be open to design modifications and changes to the original design. Some tattoo artists really go the extra mile and try to create the best possible version of a tattoo design until everyone is happy.

The day of the tattoo appointment.

  • Do not drink on the day of the consultation– Just as you can't drink a few days beforehand, you shouldn't go to the appointment drunk either. in many statesIt's illegal to tattoo a drunk customer, and many tattoo artists still refuse to do it. Being drunk will dilute your blood, making tattooing impossible due to excessive bleeding. You may also behave inappropriately or move uncontrollably while tattooed. In any case, it's not a good idea to enter the studio drunk or under the influence.
  • Take care of your hygiene– Make sure you shower before the actual date. Shave the area where the tattoo will be placed. Put on some deodorant as you will likely be spending some time in the studio. You don't want to get dirty and smelly with your tattoo artist. This is rude and shows that you don't take the tattoo artist's work seriously. Also, if you don't scrape and brush, the tattoo artist will have to do it on the tattooed area, which might be a little awkward for both of you.
  • Eat a proper meal and stay hydrated– do not go to the appointment hungry. Eat a proper, energy-dense meal that will keep you full for a few hours. You can also bring a snack to the studio just in case. Also, stay hydrated and bring a bottle of water too. However, if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of a tattoo, don't drink too much water.
  • don't come with entourage– Most tattoo artists might consider it rude to bring more people to an appointment. So stick with a friend, for example, unless you want to make things awkward and stressful for everyone in the already crowded studio.
  • Do not distract from the tattoo. Artist- After starting the tattoo, you must remain calm and not distract the tattoo artist. They need full concentration to get the job done, so don't stare, talk too much, or move around. Also, don't move when you feel pain. Try to calmly ask the tattoo artist for a short break if the pain is too severe. Otherwise, you can disrupt your work by moving.

usually during thetattoo process, try to do as little as possible. You should avoid anything that might distract your tattoo artist in any way. If you have a low pain tolerance or if this is your first time getting a tattoo, consider getting atopical anesthetic creamWhat do you apply before getting a tattoo? If you are getting a tattoo in the rib area, do not move or talk while getting the tattoo done.

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For example, don't expect your tattoo artist to be ready in an hour for a six-hour tattoo. Some people tend to set time limits, especially when tattoo artists work by the hour. If your tattoo requires several hours of work, that's the time you should give your tattoo artist. So don't put more pressure on the tattoo artist by being impatient or forcing them to work faster. If you are not willing to pay, cancel the appointment.

After the tattoo is done

  • Give bribes to tattoo artist- Tipping in the tattoo community is not only encouraged; it's imperative.Every tattoo artist must tip the tattoo artistbetween 15% and 30% of the total cost of the tattoo. Of course, you tip the tattoo artist when you are completely satisfied with the end result. If you are not happy with the whole process, be sure to talk to the tattoo artist and don't just leave a tip. If the problem can be resolved, try it first.
  • Follow the care instructions- After you finish wrapping your new tattoo, your tattoo artist will provide you with a set of them.aftercare. These instructions are for the next few weeks of the tattoo healing process; how to wash the tattoo, keep it safe and clean, and heal it by moisturizing it and letting it seal and close. A new tattoo is like an open wound and it's up to the tattoo artist to let you know and follow the instructions.

During the healing process, your tattoo will lose its initial sparkle and vitality. You may even find that some parts of the tattoo need touching up. This is perfectly normal and common.

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You can talk to your tattoo artist about touch-ups. Don't be confrontational about it; That doesn't mean the tattoo artist didn't do a good job. Sometimes, tattoo scarring can make it look different from fresh ink. Like I said, it's totally normal and common.

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final thoughts

Looking your best is essential to a good tattoo experience. This makes it easier for your tattoo artist to do their best work and for you to go through the process smoothly and smoothly.painlesshow is it possible. By not following tattoo etiquette, you are compromising the tattoo artist's job, which requires your full concentration and cooperation.

If there's anything you're uncomfortable with, like the pain of the tattoo or the position you're supposed to sit in, talk to your tattoo artist before or during the process. Talk about whatever is bothering you instead of making a scene or making a fuss like some people do.

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