The 15 Most Powerful Villains Of Marvel Movies (2023)

The Most Powerful Villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Universe is basically a fictional space in which hero and villain, or today rotating groups of heroes and a villain, face off against each other. While superhero lists are basically about popularity, villains have a wonderful quality: a unique power-hungry approach.There are definitely spoilers here., so watch all the Marvel movies.

15. The Blacksmith

Killing Tony slowly and silently and enjoying it... oh, what a betrayal.

Obadiah Stane is an intimidating character himself: he's sure to beat you at chess and is considered a master of psychological warfare. That's probably why he was such a memorable character. Iron Monger's armor was "bigger and badder" than Tony Stark's Iron Man suit, leading to some intense fight scenes.

Without a doubt, the nastiest thing Stane does is pull Tony's arc reactor out of his chest while explaining how he really hated Stark all along. Talk about the cold. Furthermore, the entire Ten Rings terrorist incident was orchestrated by Stane.

Stane wanted to sell those thugs at the market.

While Stane is mischievous and deceitful, he is also ruthless. He postulated that Iron Man could not defeat Iron Monger using only Stark's original arc reactor to power the suit. Stark, on the other hand, kept his wits to himself and sent Stane out of the Stark Industries building and into the large arc reactor he had built.

14. Geier

Toomes went back into hiding after flying in the Vulture's uniform.

Adrian Toomes only works at a salvage company until he turns to the black market. While his motivation is to make a quick buck, selling alien Chitauri technology to criminals and creating his own villain suit out of this high-tech material earned him a spot on this list. Toomes still has a personal vendetta against Tony Stark for marginalizing the salvage company.

Toomes is efficient and focused on his black market business. His worst act is destroying his lair's support beams while he and Spider-Man are fighting. With Parker wearing his homemade uniform, Toomes essentially leaves him for dead in the rubble.

Well that would be something to see in Coney Island...

Unfortunately, the Vulture suit almost kills Toomes. As the Vulture and Spider-Man fight towards the end, the suit is damaged and the alien technician starts to act strangely. Parker notices this and takes Toomes out of the suit before lighting it up. Toomes ends up alive, but in prison.

13. Red Skull

Schmidt is a high ranking official of Hydra and the Nazi Party.

Johann Schmidt is the commander of the Hydra organization and the prominent villain inCaptain America the first avenger. He is obsessed with a magical object called the Tesseract and wants to use it to conquer the world. Schmidt was given the same serum that was given to Steve Rogers to become Captain America, although it produced very different results.

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Red Skull works with Hitler in 1940s Germany as head of armaments and commander of Hydra. So his worst act is being a Nazi. Nuff said.

Captain America must stop the Red Skull from destroying the United States with the Tesseract.

Schmidt's downfall stems from an attempt to use the strange Tesseract to destroy American cities. Captain America struggles to gain control of the ship Schmidt is flying on and the plane is damaged. The Tesseract's container is damaged and Schmidt tries to hold the Tesseract. In seconds it disappears and the tesseract falls into the ocean. We just found out where he went: if you sawAvengers: Infinity War, then you saw.

12. Wintersoldat

The Winter Soldier doesn't remember his life as Bucky Barnes.

Although Bucky Barnes is the captain's friend, he is still a powerful enemy.Captain America: WintersoldatWhile he didn't choose to be tortured, brainwashed and turned into a killing machine, he has earned his place on this list! Winter Soldiers don't remember their old friend Steve and are actually tasked with killing him.

The coldest thing the Winter Soldier does in the movie is shoot Captain America three times while the Captain is trying to replace the Helicarrier's controller chip, which is about to kill hundreds of people. At that point, the Winter Soldier realizes that Steve has known him since before his memories. Shooting the captain in vital places like thighs and stomach is really difficult.

The fight scenes between the Winter Soldier and Captain America are perfect.

However, it turns out that Captain America's strategy of making Bucky remember himself works by the end of the film. After swapping the chip, the Helicarrier is shot down and Steve tries to tell Bucky about the life he's been forgetting. Remember the line Steve used that made Bucky's eyes widen? When the Helicarrier crashes into the sea, Bucky pulls Steve out of the water.

11. Ultron

Ultron was actually a consciousness preview of the Infinity Stones...

Ultron is the creation of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in an attempt to destroy the A.I. through the jewel in Loki's scepter. It turned out that the gem was more delicate than they thought. Ultron generally looks like Iron Man's armor and has many similar perks that make it quite powerful. But the real problem is that he makes hundreds of similarities in the final fight.

Ultron's most evil deed is also his most important. At the end ofAvengers: Age of UltronUltron magnetizes vibranium through the soil of much of Sokovia. Basically, this lifts the city and the ground below into the air, and once Ultron was high enough, he planned to slam him down to earth and destroy everything.

Vision Fighting Ultron now has a whole new meaning...

If you remember the battle in Sokovia, remember that there was a lot of fighting. Ultron was kicked by Vision, Thor and Stark. So Hulk decided to beat the shit out of him. But in the end, Wanda ripped out Maximoff's core with telekinesis in revenge for her brother's death.

10. Erik "The Killer" Stevens

Erik and T'Challa are cousins ​​who grew up in completely different worlds.

Erik Stevens grows up as a fatherless African-American boy. And that's because his uncle essentially killed his father for stealing Wakanda Vibranium. Erik wants to continue his father's work and send high-tech vibranium weapons to oppressed black people across the world. However, before donning his Black Panther costume, he is still a formidable villain. He is a US black ops soldier with a big crowd. And he leads T'Challa in a fight for the right to rule Wakanda.

Showing up unannounced in Wakanda and telling your family you want to take the throne might not be a classy way to introduce yourself, but your motivation makes sense. Likewise, his worst moment is also understandable. Like Bucky and other villains further down the list, Killmonger is a tough villain to hate. His worst act in the film is when he kills Zuri, the Wakanda who was secretly spying on Erik's father and proved him wrong. Zuri explains this to Erik as he and T'Challa fight for the throne, hoping to calm Erik down. Erik then kills Zuri and defeats T'Challa by throwing him off a cliff to kill him.

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The epic final battle between two superhuman Black Panthers.

Killmonger's end comes in a final stand as he and T'Challa fight each other in their own Black Panther suits. Both have the same power as when they fought for the throne before, but enhanced by the suits' abilities. T'Challa stabs Erik and Erik insists that he would rather die than go to prison and he and T'Challa watch the sun set over Wakanda until Erik dies.

9. Fog

Nebula is always trying to serve her own ends, making her an ambiguous character.

Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos and half-sister of Gamora. Although her character has become more ubiquitous lately, he served as one of the main villains inprotector of the galaxyHe isn't particularly loyal to anyone, but his rivalry with Gamora fuels much of his rage.

Nebula's worst act is an attempt to kill her sister, which almost works. This is during the scene where he chases Gamora all over Knowhere in small ships. They head out into open space and Nebula destroys Gamora's ship, leaving her in space and slowly dying. Fortunately, Quill decided to fly to Gamora and give her his helmet, but Nebula had already flown away.

Every time she lost a battle against Gamora, Nebula slowly transformed into a cyborg.

The nebula didn't actually fall. Rather, his character has evolved and his motives have changed. Ronan and Nebula were defeated by the Guardians in the end, but inVol.2Nebula's motives change when she and Gamora team up, admittedly more like a sibling fight on steroids. Nebula decides to kill Thanos for all the pain he caused her as a child, which is easier said than done...

8. Loki

Loki's character gets better and more complex over time.

Hi Loki. He is a frost giant, despite being raised as an Asgardian. But either way, he has natural strength and abilities that land him on this list. He is Thor's brother and also his biggest headache. The two sometimes share a brotherly camaraderie, but sometimes fight epic battles across multiple Marvel movies. Loki loves to make false projections of himself to confuse his enemies in a fight.

Loki has many malicious acts, so there is a long list to choose the most evil act. While this is a fan theory, it's adamant that Loki was supposed to be captured at the end of the first Avengers. Failing to take control of Asgard in Thor, Loki decides to wreak havoc on Thor's new favorite planet, Earth, in the first Avengers. He opens a portal that releases aliens into the Earth dimension, severely damaging Manhattan. And through it all, Loki just wanted a reason to return to Asgard. He then pretends to be Odin and rules Asgard without question... untilThor: Ragnarök.

Thor and Loki work together in parts of Thor: Ragnarok.

Loki has become increasingly central to the Marvel Universe, and his character has also become more complex. But in the last movieAvengers: Infinity WarLoki is killed early by Thanos. It was a shocking end for such an important character, but for now Loki is dead.

7. Abomination

Emil Blonsky has been looking for Banner for years..

Emil Blonsky is a British Marine on a mission to track down Bruce Banner, who has been in hiding for five years since a failed experiment turned him into the Hulk when provoked.

In an attempt to capture the Hulk, Blonsky begins taking small amounts of the Hulk's serum, which eventually causes him to slowly lose his mind. When Banner is captured, Blonsky demands greater amounts of the serum and becomes an eyesore.

The Ambonination is physically stronger than the Hulk, but also more menacing and relentless due to Blonsky losing his mind before fully transforming. Barely having the capacity for evil, the Abomination plagues New York City and won't stop until the Hulk defeats him.

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The Abomination is a threat driven only by rage.

Hulk must kill the monstrosity because the monstrosity is pure power and rage. He defeats the monstrosity by strangling it with a series of chains which the monstrosity intended to use against the Hulk. It turns out that while the brain can be intimidating, it still trumps power.

6. Hella

Hela's first line of "Kneel!" set the stage for her character.

Hela is the sister of Thor and Loki, who kept their distance until Odin's death in Thor: Ragnarok. She claims the throne of Asgard as Odin's eldest daughter and will do anything to win it. From slaying Asgard's elite warriors to terrorizing the commoners and raising the dead, she is relentless in her pursuit of royalty. She is a highly resourceful fighter and her other powers make her an intimidating opponent. Oh, and by the way, he also destroyed Thor's hammer.

Probably the most evil aspect of Hela is her brutal genocidal nature. Through the film, we learn that he killed all the Valkyries in one fell swoop (except for the scheming Valkyrie that Thor encounters on Sakaar). And in Asgard, he fights and kills all Asgardian soldiers. You don't want to make her mad!

Hela slowly gains control of more Asgard as her power grows.

Of course, at the end of the movie, Hela falls. When Loki and Thor release a fire demon that is not yet listed, Hela tries to fight it. But even she can't thwart Ragnarok's ultimate goal.

5. Ronan, or Accuser

Ronan is an elite Kree warrior on a mission, and not even Thanos can scare him.

Ronan is a fanatical Kree who believes it is his duty to rid the world of the Xandarians. He's powerful enough to wield an Infinity Stone in his warhammer and even threatens to kill Thanos. As a Kree warrior, he is stronger and faster than any human, and his armor is incredibly strong. Rocket even set up a Hadron Enforcer to shoot Ronan, but it didn't kill him.

Fortunately, Ronan's worst act never happened. His entire mission in the movie was to destroy the entire planet of Xandar and the entire Xandarian species. He needed the stone to do this, but his fanaticism and war strategy helped him achieve his goals, until he stayed on the planet Xandar with stone and hammer to destroy everything.

Ronan's Hammer contains one of the Infinity Gems and is powerful enough to wield it alone.

This is also the time of your downfall. The Guardians couldn't kill him with the Hadron Enforcer the first time, so they threw him into the boulder. He flew out of the hammer, Quill grabbed him and then the other members of the Wardens were able to share the stone's power and kill Ronan with the stone.

4. Sauer

Surtur is a fire demon and the prophecy states that he will be the one to destroy Asgard.

We met Surtur earlyThor: RagnarökIt's actually a rather funny scene where Thor taunts him about escaping capture and learning about the prophecy of Asgard's downfall. Surtur is a fire demon and says that once he reaches the Eternal Flame in Asgard, he will destroy everything there. Thor makes quick work of Surtur and his crown through quick thinking, but not in full combat.

Surtur doesn't have a lot of screen time to do a lot of evil deeds. Therefore, his worst action is that, as soon as Loki throws Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame, he begins to destroy all of Asgard. Of course, he doesn't know that all Asgardians escape in spaceships. But he thinks he's killing an entire species anyway.

In the end, Loki and Thor allowed Surtur to destroy their home to protect the universe from Hela.


With the Asgardians on the run, Hela is the only person left to watch over Asgard. When Loki frees Surtur, she goes to defend the capital. Before Thor and Loki leave, they see Hela fight Surtur... and they see Surtur win. Killing Hela earns her her spot on this list.

3. Dormamu

Doctor Strange confronts Ser Dormammu.

Dormammu is an ancient being who destroys worlds for fun and can move between dimensions. It looks very scary. he is the big badstrange doctor, and the evil wizard Kaecilius contacts him to destroy the land. Dormammu's very raison d'être is to literally draw entire planets into its dark dimension.

Much like Ronan, Dormammu's existence revolves around one central evil deed: pulling planets into the Dark Dimension. Not only does he destroy planets, he takes mortals into a terrifying dimension with no sense of time. This is very unpleasant.

Dormammu is strong, but he gives in to Strange because he can't get out of a time warp.

Ironically, Dormammu's downfall is time. The Doctor creates a time loop just around him and Dormammu, in which he keeps asking the being to leave Earth. And every time Dormammu kills him, Doctor Strange just reappears. This notion of time, while confusing, is also terribly irritating. And Dormammu won't leave until he's sworn to leave Earth alone.

2. E

Ego is a mysterious being who claims to be in fact Peter Quill's father.

noticeGuardians of the Galaxy Band 2, you may not have understood what Ego meant when he told his son that he was a Celestial. In the Marvel Universe, the Celestials are gigantic beings that can move planets and create "pocket" universes. They are nearly indestructible gods at heart, and Ego decided a long time ago to seek meaning in life and take a different path than other larger-than-life celestials.

He teamed up with many women across the universe to raise children with his Celestial genes, but killed the children who ended up without Celestial abilities. He had to create another Celestial to help him with his plan, the Reach. He left seedlings on every planet he visited, and with two Celestials, the seedlings could be activated, taking over the entire planet they inhabited and allowing Ego to essentially control much of the universe. Ego's plan literally involves the simultaneous destruction of hundreds of planets.

Since Ego is a celestial being that inhabits a planet, his body is really an image that cannot be killed.

The Guardians must go to the center of the planet to destroy Ego's brain. Rocket builds an incredibly powerful bomb, of course, and Quill fights his father until the other Guardians escape the bomb's explosion. Yondu sacrifices himself to save Quill before the entire planet and ego is destroyed.

1. Thanos

Thanos receives two of the Infinity Stones at the beginning of the film and proves to be a very powerful villain.

Thanos is the villain of Marvel's latest Avengers movie.Avengers: Infinity War. He believes the universe is suffering from overpopulation, and over the years he has made it his mission to correct the balance of life in the universe. Of course, that involves killing off half the population of every planet he visits, including half the Asgardians and half of Gamora's species, the Zehoberei.

Thanos is on the warpath for all the Infinity Stones that will allow him to kill half of all life in the universe. This is pretty insane power and the most evil target of all Marvel movie supervillains. Thanos believes that his methods are justified by the goal: a more peaceful life for all remaining species on all planets and in the universe.

With a snap of his fingers... Thanos changes the lives of every character we've ever met.

Thanos really nailed it in Infinity War. He collected all the gems in the gauntlet and killed half of all living things in the universe. Fans are looking forward to itAvengers: Infinity War, Part 2, but with half of our beloved superheroes gone, things are looking pretty bleak. Thanos is the most powerful being they've ever encountered, and with the Infinity Stones he seems invincible.

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