The best breweries, breweries and taverns in Manchester, NH (2023)

Of course, Manchvegas has a group of great cool brewers who can supply you with any beer you want, after all, it's a New Hampshire town and so can they.

Geographically stuck in the middleunitYNashua, Manchester is the most populous city in New Hampshire. ANDbreweriesspread across its 35 square kilometers, some are in the center and others on the periphery, such as the Backyard Brewery & Kitchen.

Oceans of Ales

It sounds very mythological, as if the ambrosia they make is sought after by legendary heroes whose surnames end in "cles". This Mühlenhof is only open on Fridays and Saturdays.nanobrauereiIt's quickly becoming a Manchester must-see. Aigean releases a small range of intriguing but affordable craft beers that transition from session IPA to an English-Belgian hybrid.

Try Hexan Krieg with Brett if you want to expand your palette.

The backyard is a great place for just about anything. With a large dining room, several outdoor spaces and a lounge, it's hard not to find a reason to visit. We're biased because we like them, but the Loaded Pretzel Bites were a great snack for a casual daytime drink. With Backyard Brewery's 12 beers on tap, you and two friends can effectively taste everything on tap with a few 4-ounce scoops of pours. Lawnmower, a Helles Brewing Backyard is, well, agood beer for mowing the lawn.

You can even soothe that keno itch or play a game of pool in the living room. Backyard Brewery & Kitchen is on our list for future repeat visits.

Candia Road Brewing Company

One of the coolest and most unassuming pubs in Manchester is Candia Road. The brewery at 840 Candia Road (who saw that?) is open 4 days a week with live music on Sundays. When it comes to food, they serve a variety of hot dogs, sandwiches, and tacos, you know.basicComida Schankstube.

Home brewers are already familiar with Candia Road, having opened as a homebrew shop in 2011. They try their hand at crafting and head down Candia Road to pick up some supplies.

Great Northern Aleworks

In the farthest corner of an industrial park sits the Great North Aleworks. After years of homebrewing, Rob and Lisa North opened Great North Aleworks, naming their brewery after their Canadian heritage (the Great White North) and their last name.

(Video) Backyard Brewery & Kitchen - Manchester NH

How good was your home brewing operation? So good that Rob won the Samuel Adams Patriot Homebrew Competition in 2010. We can attest to that.IPA de Elchsaft.

Holt Ave Tavern also has aoutdoor beer gardenfor after-work drinks, which is especially handy if you work near East Industrial Ave. On the other hand, after-hours beers are tough if they're only open Thursday through Sunday.

The best breweries, breweries and taverns in Manchester, NH (1)

austere brewery

If you like beers with the same name, Stark Brewing offers ManchVegas IPA, awaterfall jump5.4% ABV West Coast IPA that will have you wondering why, by far, New Hampshire's largest city isn't the capital of the Granite State.

SBC worshipsdolls, with a breed of dog on most of its cans. And, presumably for easier marketing, they create the John Stark Porter (Game of Thrones reference?).

If you visit the tavern, you can enjoy 18 draft beers, 8 of which are produced throughout the year. The other 10+ come and go over the seasons, or when a brewer releases a new recipe. This schedule includes personal favorites, theBerg Uncanoonuc Cream Ale.

fast current fermentation

Swift Current may be the smallest brewery in ManchVegas. They operate a 2 bbl system and brew a handful of beers in small batches. Aside from being owned by Stark Brewing (99% sure), we don't know much else about them. It gives us the perfect excuse to visit sooner rather than later. When we do this, we comply with the 101A IPA.

To Share gets literal with their menu as there are all the small plates and bowls to share. And in the spirit of sharing, To Share Brewing is partnering with breweries like Martha's Exchange in Nashua to collaborate on some beers.

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We just leave you with this quote from To Share...

“When you walk into To Share Brewing Company, the music you hear is our massive vinyl collection. Feel free to ask a question or bring your own albums.”

Other Craft Breweries Near Manchester, NH

Capaz Ebenezer Brewing Company

Able Ebenezer's Merrimack Taproom is the kind of place where you head up to the bar on a lazy Sunday and quickly lose two or three hours talking over a few beers. If you prefer to be outdoors, they have a few picnic tables at the back of the building for your outdoor enjoyment. The grandiose view from Mount Washington cannot promise thatMonte Fossohas to offer, we can say that it is as relaxing as you need.

Kelsen brewery

Based on the artwork on the cans, we think Kelsen would be a good friend for Daydreaming. Kelsen Brewing has won numerous awards in various brewing competitions over the years, which is great. Their Paradigm Brown Ale won multiple gold medals in 2014/2015, including the US Open Beer Festival and International Grand Brewery.

Direct quote from Kelsen: “If you like complex malt profiles and unique combinations of hop flavors and aromas, you might want to pick up a bottle of Kelsen and give us a try. Your taste buds will like it."

Blue Cat Long Eyebrows

Hebrewery logostrongly resembles children's book star Pete the Cat. Craft beer quality is anything but childish. For example, Long Blue Cat makes a fruity Mexican lager. This is not your everyday IPA. We had the Radioface DIPA and it was delicious.

We drink with our school shoes. We drink with our school shoes. We drink with our school shoes on... we'd probably sing to ourselves if we visited the Londonderry pub.

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Pipa Dream Brew

Bitchin' Blonde... yes, no, maybe.

  • Yes, this is a Pipe Dream beer.
  • No we do not.
  • Maybe they're fans of '80s Hair Metal.

Updates to follow. I hope soon.

Manchester brewery tours

brewery toursare always a hit. Enjoy some tastings, learn more about the brewing process, meet real local brewers. Let's put it this way, there are far worse ways to spend a Saturday. if you areVisiting Breweries in BostonoTahoe Brewery Tour, or even Manchester, no two brewery tours are the same and we appreciate that about them.

If you're looking for a guided brewery tour in Queen City, check out Manchvegas Brewbus. If you want something a little more intimate, Stark Brewing on Commercial Street has a portable option.Guided tour of the brewery and distillery.. Or, if you're like us, you can take your soles off your sneakers and take your own brewery tour. It's your decision.

Manchvegas Brewerbus

Highly rated and highly regarded is the Manchvegas Brewbus. The owners provide first class customer service and are as friendly as they are knowledgeable. Captain Bill still does fun activities at the Backyard Brewery in his spare time.

Your 4 hour brewery tour is $60 and includes stops at 3-4 breweries, pretzels and snacks, water (if you need it) and a great time drinking at breweries in and around Manchester. Hint: all of them up to… well, 3-4 of those per trip.

If you would like to schedule a private tour, please contact Captain Bill

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Craft beer bars in Manchester

Every city needs a good craft beer bar. Although modern microbreweries and taverns are slowly taking them out of business, they are not going away. For Manchester, we recommend Strange Brew Tavern.

815 (Cocktails e Proviant)

815's main beer selection is good, but that's not what sets them apart from the crowd. What he does is his weird beer menu. Vintage 815 offerings are between $20 and $40 a bottle, but well worth it. In addition, most are special beers fromlocal breweries in new england.

strange brewery tavern

Strange Brew has been producing over-the-counter craft beers in the Queen City for over 20 years. In addition to their impressive craft beer list, they offer two other (almost?) main lineups, a burger-building bill of materials, and live music performers who play 3-5 nights a week. On the food side, it's traditional pub food at its finest. On the music side, there's a mix of blues, acoustic singer-songwriters and even open mic nights with Strange Brew every night of the week.

They received an NH Magazine Best Beer Selection award and offer a rotating selection of cider and craft beer from breweries across New England, includingLone Pine Breweryfrom Maine toUpper Pass Beer Companyfrom Vermont You can even catch a Mt Greylock from Worcester'sGreater Well Imperial Brewing Companyon tap

the jump knot

Pretzels, pretzel sandwiches, pretzel hot dogs, stuffed pretzels - so many pretzels that Rold Gold, Snyder's and Utz would be jealous. As for the beer menu, it's filled with local New Hampshire breweries, with breweries like Concord Craft Brewing, Moat Mountain Brewing, and To Share Brewing just a mile down the road.

fun factfour corner eyebrowsIn Tempe, Arizona, Hop Knot makes IPAs. You know, in case you were wondering.


What is the biggest brewery in NH? ›

New Hampshire is home to two regional locations of national breweries: Anheuser-Busch - the Merrimack facility has been the largest brewery in New England since 1970.

What is the most popular beer in New Hampshire? ›

Sorted by weighted rank (not shown).Ratings
1Vinatta Russian Imperial Stout Kelsen Brewing Company Russian Imperial Stout | 12.00%94
2Hopulization Stoneface Brewing Co. Imperial IPA | 8.90%235
3RIS Stoneface Brewing Co. Russian Imperial Stout | 9.50%187
4Rum Barrel RIS Stoneface Brewing Co. Russian Imperial Stout | 9.50%30
44 more rows

What beer is Manchester famous for? ›

In the 1990s, the beer was promoted as The Cream of Manchester in a popular advertising campaign credited with raising Manchester's profile. Boddingtons became one of the city's most famous products after Manchester United and Coronation Street.

What brewery is from Manchester? ›

Seven Bro7hers Brewery and Taproom

The Seven Bro7hers Brewery is a brewery born in Manchester through seven brothers' love of craft beer, and their Dad's commitment to home brewing.

What is the #1 craft beer in America? ›

D. G. Yuengling and Son Inc

Who are the big 3 beer companies? ›

AB InBev, also known as Anheuser-Busch InBev, generated over 46 billion U.S. dollars in sales in 2021, making it by far the leading beer company worldwide. Heineken Holding and Asahi Group Holdings ranked second and third, respectively. Not only was AB InBev the global leader for beer, but the corporation was also.


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