The best cowboy hats of 2023 plus tips from Yellowstone and 1883 outfitters. (2023)

come partner Whether you're going on a ranch trip or just want to try some western style, a cowboy hat is sure to suit you.

In 1865, the cowboy hat as we know it was introduced - according to the costume designers we spoke to - and is now iconic of the western-inspired style we know today, and has been passed down through the generations thanks to the lasso worn.

But there's more to a tried-and-true cowboy hat than meets the eye. So we spoke to two of the best experts in the knowAllThere is such a thing as these wild, wild accessories:Janie Bryant, costume designer with1883'i '1923' iJanet Boone, costume designer withYellowstone«.

"When I'm designing a character, especially when it comes to western design, I always say the hat makes the man because on camera—on screen—what you see is what you see, and it's the hat that really gives the actor his character." Bryant told the New York Post exclusively. (Related:Dear Cowgirl Stiefel).

Previously, the New York Post rounded up the 7 best cowboy hats of 2023 that best suit your style, using tips and advice from both costume designers. In addition, you should not miss our detailed informationFAQ sectionHere you can learn more about the history of the cowboy hat, what materials to look for and how to style them.

1.Tecovas The Ranchman Cowboyhut, 295 $

The Tecovas Ranchman Cowboy Hat is a high quality outdoor sports hat made from 100% rabbit fur felt. Beaver hats—two of the costume designers we talked to—are a little harder to find when shopping online, but this stuff is a good substitute.

Additionally, the grosgrain hat band is embellished with an arrow pin for a rustic, pizzazz-like touch. Its flat 4-inch rim with quarter taco tab is comfortable and flattering on the head as well.

2.Lanzom felt cowboy hat with wide brim and belt buckle, 29 $

For an affordable cowboy hat that costs less than $30 on Amazon, we recommend getting the Lanzom Wide Brim Cowboy Hat. It's finished with a belt buckle and a modern curved visor on each side for added sun protection when worn outdoors.

And while it is made of felt, it is almost as good as the materials used in the 1883, 1923 and Yellowstone sets. Beaver felt was used. While this stuff isn't precise, it still holds up pretty well.


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3.Overland Teton cowboy hat in soft wool, 89 $

Constructed of brittle wool, the Overland Teton Cowboy Hat has the look and durability of premium cowboy hats on the market at a fraction of the price. The big advantage of this model is not only the lace - a nice addition - but also the fact that it comes in several colors.

Fun fact (also in the FAQ section): if you live in a warmer climate, you may want to get a hat in a lighter shade (instead of black) to keep the heat at bay. Additionally, our garment specialist team recommends wool as a good substitute for beaver felt.

4.Stetson Stroh-Cowboyhut, 45 $

While straw hats may not offer the best protection, they are what the masses of online cowboy hat buyers are looking for. Get the Stetson Straw Cowboy Hat for one of the biggest names in the business. For less than $50, you can get a good old hat with a wide pleat that makes it easy to put on and take off.


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5., 76 $

To catch the crushed wool fabric of a wide-brimmed hat, Silver Canyon Boot & Clothing Company on Amazon has a snappy hat for sale. For less than $100, you'll love the leather strap and feather tone—one of the most elaborate straps we've found and still made of high-quality wool material.


6.Two Ways Five Point Wide Brim Fedora Hat, 159 $

Although not strictly a traditional cowboy hat, the Two Roads Five Points Wide Brim Fedora Hat is perfect for those working outside in the heat thanks to its ultra-light shade and full sun protection thanks to its wide brim. Although more expensive than most, it's a practical and well-made purchase.

7.American Outback Hats Hollywood cowboy hat made of 100% soft leather, 114 $

We couldn't resist staging our own western with this braided tie and rolled visor. the best part; Crafted from 100% fine Hollywood leather, the American Outback Cowboy Hat is crafted from smooth, rich fabrics and features a lapel on the side.

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Frequently asked questions about cowboy hats

Costume designers from '1883', '1923' and 'Yellowstone' explain what to look for in a cowboy hat, how they designed it for the big screen, and what to look for—practically and stylishly—in a high-quality cowboy hat .

Historical overview of the cowboy hat

The cowboy hat is all about practicality, especially for dressmaker Janie Bryant of 1883 and 1923.

"It's all about the big visor and sun protection," says The Post. “Big-brimmed cowboy hats were part of their culture back then. Especially in "1883" the characters wear such hats. What we think of as a cowboy hat today comes from the 1950s and 1960s - the cowboy style - as well as the raised brim at the side and the traditional pleat in the middle.'

While we think of cowboy hats as a must-have western style accessory, it's worth looking at the unparalleled protection they provide from the sun - how they've become increasingly popular and continue to be watches, especially for those on the ranch.

"Cowboys usually rode their horses from sunrise to sunset, so it was important to have hats that protected them from sun, rain, snow and all the elements—dirt and wind," notes the costume designer of Yellowstone, Johnetta Boone. “They didn't always start with a pleat at the top and a rolled edge. The original cowboy hats had an open crown and a smaller brim.

Over time, the brim widened a bit to provide better protection and the dimple at the top was created by natural wear and tear to allow cowboys to take them on and off, which also made them easier to grip on the head .

Cowboy hats certainly played an important role in Yellowstone, but they were also unique because of their unique color.

"Typically, ranch cowboys wear different colors than ranchers," Boone explains. “You can find cowboys wearing black hats - the standard color to go for - but depending on where they are, you might find some in a lighter color because black attracts a lot of heat. If you live in the south, wear lighter colors so they don't attract the heat of the sun."

How to choose the right size of the best cowboy hat and what materials to look out for

According to Bryant and Boone, cowboy hats are usually made of beaver felt, a commonly worn fabric that can withstand the rain. “You can throw a cowboy hat in the water and fit it on your head. That way you get the perfect nooks and crannies formation so the hat can form on your head,” says Bryant.

While aesthetics and shade are largely dependent on your choice of cowboy hat, it's important to consider your unique head shape to ensure a comfortable and practical fit.

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“Cowboy hats are shaped based on the features of the face - jawline, cheekbones and the size of the skull - the head. "It defines the style of cowboy hat you wear," notes Boone. “Having established that, the next factor to keep in mind is portability. So some are wider like Forrie J. Smith who plays Lloyd Pierce vs. Cole Hauser who plays Rip Wheeler.

What's more, Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker, wears his crown unbuttoned—meaning no curves—tangible proof that a cowboy hat reflects both your personal style and your facial structure.

"You can also see the difference in the hat band, which can be made of leather, rope or braided horsehair," adds Boone. "For Aboriginal people - like Moses Brings Plenty, who plays Mo - you can add a feather to the way they wear their hats and those feathers are very symbolic."

Interestingly, during her trip to Yellowstone, Boone learned that eagles are quite rare and only Native Americans have the honor and permission to care for them, even if they exist on Earth. "They are also included by the natives of the tribe, so they wear them as ornaments on their hats," he adds.

As for materials, both Bryant and Boone recommend one made of beaver felt. However, if you are interested in a different material, wool is another option. Straw is also popular in the market, but more as a stylish accessory than as a hat to wear all day in the sun.

"Beavers are an integral part of cowboy hats, making them resistant to moisture, heat and all the elements," notes Boone. “They are better when it rains and can take the shape of the head when worn. If it's Fedora, it can crash and it's much harder to crack."

The Western Development of the Cowboy Hat: Then and Now

If you're watching an 1880s western or attending a modern Halloween party where someone is dressed head to toe as a cowboy, you'll likely notice that cowboy hats retain their original shape. However, there are some differences.

"Today, today, traditional cowboy hats are different in that they have scalloped sides and a pleat in the middle," Bryant points out. "Straw accents and beaver and wool hats are also common."

Bryant also sees belts of all kinds, from leather and ponytails to beads—the latter offering a more decorative and modern twist than the cowboy hat of the 1880s.

"Often, cowboy hats of the 1880s had a jagged brim at the front to block the wind, but now it's more jagged on both sides," says Bryant.

How to build a cowboy hat, according to a dressmaker

funny part? Pair your cowboy hat with all the fringes and fabrics you can imagine. Bryant shares fashion design notes from 1883 and 1923 that you can take with you as you create your stunning ensemble.

"Of course, a cowboy should wear protective gloves, rough pants and cowboy boots and a waterproof jacket on the back of the saddle," he says. “And the long johns – her underwear – underneath. The cowboys stayed at the shooting range for quite some time. They stayed with their clothes and washed them on the river bank until they wore out."

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What brand of cowboy hats do they wear in Yellowstone? ›

What brand of cowboy hats do they wear in Yellowstone? The Greeley Hat Works company made the cowboy hats that the cast of Yellowstone wear (except for Beth Dutton's hat) in the first three seasons.

What cowboy hat do most cowboys wear? ›

Ask any cowboy what brand of cowboy hat he wears and chances are you will hear the name Resistol. Resistol has been the preferred choice for working cowboys, ranch hands and rodeo cowboys for over 90 years.

What style of cowboy hat does rip wear on Yellowstone? ›

The Rip Wheeler hat, inspired by the hat made for Cole Hauser for Season 1 of the hit television show Yellowstone. This hat is classic Reiner crease, with a self-band.

Who makes the hats for 1883? ›

For Peters Brothers Hats, “1883” was a way to continue the business's long-carried tradition of hat making and show off their old school western style. Peters makes hats in a store that hasn't changed much since it opened in 1933.

What brand of hat does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? ›

The question on everyone's mind is… “Did we make Rip Wheeler's hat?” The answer… Yes we did! Greeley Hat Works is one of the hatmakers for the cast of Yellowstone, with the exception of Beth Dutton's hat, for Seasons 1-5.

Who makes John Dutton's cowboy hat? ›

John Dutton

The hat is made by Greeley Hat Works. While it takes seven to nine months to make, you will be getting the exact same style John wears in the show. The hat does come with a hefty price tag, however, it is made with only the finest materials.

What does 100X cowboy hat mean? ›

For one hatter, a 10X hat might mean 10% beaver, while another hatter might label the same hat as 100X. At Buckaroo Hatters, we use three types of hat bodies to make custom hats from, 100X (100% Beaver), 50X (50% Beaver and 50% Wild Hare) and 10X (100% Wild Hare Fur).

Are Stetson and Resistol the same company? ›

Stetson in 1865, was the maker of the Stetson cowboy hats, but ceased manufacturing in 1970. Stetson hats are now being manufactured in Garland, Texas, by Hatco, Inc., who also produce Resistol and Charlie 1 Horse hats.

How do I choose a cowboy hat for my face shape? ›

If you have a square jawline, a wide forehead, and strong cheekbones then you want to wear hats that soften your harsher angles. Rounded cowboy hats, with curved brims help counter your strong jaw. Even a floppy cowboy hat with a soft brim contrasts nicely with a boxy face shape.

What brand hat does Kevin Costner wear in Yellowstone? ›

Greeley Hat Works created Kevin Costner's hat for the television show Yellowstone. This hat is a perfect replica for all John fans to wear.

What kind of hats do the Duttons wear? ›

John's Cowboy Hats

It's rare to see John Dutton without a cowboy hat throughout the Yellowstone series. While he has worn many hats in the show, the buckskin cowboy hat from Greeley Hat Works Shop is his most iconic one. The cowboy hat is made of fine fur and has a classic Reiner crease and a braided hatband.

How do I choose a cowboy hat? ›

People with oval-shaped faces can choose any type of cowboy hat. People with round faces can benefit from a hat with a slanted brim and tall crown. Long, narrow faces tend to look best in hats with a medium-height crown. Those with square faces may wear hats with round crowns and curved brims.

What kind of hat does Sam Elliot wear in 1883? ›

A Big Lid Homage to The Same Hat

Robert Duvall (left) in Lonesome Dove and Sam Elliott in 1883 both sport the same crease and brim style, which, in the old days, was called the Tom Mix Dip, Montana Crease or Western Slope but today has become known as the “Gus” in honor of Duvall's character Augustus “Gus” McCrae.

Where does Tim McGraw get his cowboy hat? ›

In a recent interview, Tim McGraw told Esquire that he doesn't pay very much for his hats at all. McGraw told the publication that he sports a black straw hat made by Resistol. However, his hats always look fresh because he changes them out fairly often.

What was the original cowboy hat called? ›

The original Stetson was dubbed "The Boss of the Plains," and it didn't resemble what we think of as a cowboy hat today. It featured a high crown and wide brim and looked a bit like an Amish hat. It was waterproof and shielded the wearer from elements such as the sun and rain.

What cowboy hats does Kevin Costner wear on Yellowstone? ›

That connection led to another opportunity when Sheridan asked Johnson to create hats for actor Kevin Costner in the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.” Costner's character wore three cowboy hats made by Greeley Hat Works: a buckskin that was distressed to make it look worn, a chocolate brown and a black one.

What do cowboy hat creases mean? ›

A Cattlemen crease started when ranch owners did not want the look of the rodeo cowboy on their cowboy hat. These cattlemen wanted a more taller and narrower crown so that when the wind blew and the rain poured these cowboys could pull their cowboy hats down so that it would stay on their head better.

How do I know my cowboy hat size? ›

Place the start of the tape at the middle of your forehead above the eyebrows. Wrap the tape around your head just above the ears. This will give you the head measurement in inches. The measurement in inches can be converted into a hat size for you.

Who owns Stetson and Resistol? ›

Today the Stetson and Resistol hat factories are operated under the Hatco, Inc. umbrella in Garland, Texas. The combined factories are one of the largest in the country and produce a line of hats under each name in hundreds of different styles and colors.

What kind of cowboy does John Dutton wear? ›

Kevin Costner plays the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone. If you're a fan of John Dutton, and his classic cowboy style, you can now get your hands on his iconic buckskin cowboy hat.

Is it better to get a cowboy hat too big or too small? ›

Cowboy hats follow the natural shape of your head, so they should fit firmly on your forehead and the back of your head while feeling a bit looser at the sides. If the hat is too tight, you could wind up getting a headache. If it's too loose, it'll blow off or keep twisting around on your head.

What does 5X or 10X mean for cowboy hats? ›

X Factor Hat Rating was originally determined by the density and shape of the material, and ranged in grade from a low of 1X to a high of 10X. Hats made of material rated below 5X generally contained a poorer grade of fur and little or no beaver fur. A 10X hat was made of 100% beaver fur.

What does 2x and 3x mean in cowboy hats? ›

The X's stand for the amount of beaver that is in a hat. The more beaver fur that's in the hat, the better a hat it is, and the more X's it is labeled with.

Why do you put a cowboy hat upside down? ›

Hang your cowboy hat if possible, but if not, set it upside-down on its crown. This keeps your good luck from running out, and it might even catch additional good luck that's floating around. It also helps to air the hat out and maintain the shape of its brim.

Can I wear my Stetson in the rain? ›

Stetson hats get their name from the Stetson hat company, so going with a hat from Stetson is an obvious choice. This felt hat has all the benefits felt typically provides, so it will keep you secure from rain.

What kind of cowboy hat do Texas state troopers wear? ›

Also, the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers wear Resistol hats as part of their uniform. These are made in a custom color called Textan.

What is the most popular cowboy hat shape? ›

The Cattleman Crease is the most popular hat shape. What is this? The Rancher brim shape is popular for working cowboys.

Should a cowboy hat touch the top of your head? ›

High Heads: The top of the crown should not be so low that it touches the top of your head. This can prevent the hat from coming down far enough to seat properly.

What is the cowboy hat rule? ›

TikTok is saturated with videos referencing the cowboy hat rule. According to very prestigious sources like Urban Dictionary and Twitter, the cowboy hat rule means this: If you take someone's cowboy hat and put it on your head, then you're supposed to "ride the cowboy, " which means have sex with them.

What boots does Yellowstone wear? ›

Throughout Yellowstone, Rip wears Ariat's Quickdraw cowboy boots. These classic boots are made with the working cowboy in mind. They feature Ariat's ATS technology for lasting comfort and stability.

What kind of knife does John Dutton carry? ›

I haven't looked closely but it's probably a Buck 110. I've wondered this myself, but never took a good look. A 110 would be appropriate for him, especially considering the rest of the costume design. It's the quintessential ranching knife.

What are expensive cowboy hats made of? ›

Cowboy hats are typically made from high-quality materials such as wool, beaver pelts, and other exotic furs. These materials are not only expensive, but they are also difficult to source. Stetson hats are made from beaver, rabbit, wild hare, and other furs.

Do I need a hat in Yellowstone? ›

Summer Visit to Yellowstone

Waterproof and windproof outer layer: Lightweight, and breathable if possible. Both jacket and pants are recommended. Two Hats: A brimmed one for sun protection and possibly for rain and an insulating one for cool weather (May, June, September, and October.)

Should a cowboy hat be tight or loose? ›

The perfectly fitting cowboy hat will be snug around the front and back of your head, and a little looser around the sides. You should be able to easily take off and put on your hat, but your cowboy hat shouldn't easily blow away in a small breeze.

How many cowboy hats should you have? ›

When you read the word “hat” in this piece, please remember that I am referring to “cowboy hat.” A proper cowboy only refers to his cowboy hat as “hat.” First, you really need five hats and it could take you a couple of years to get to the proper number. Here's why. The Felt.

What does the color of a cowboy hat mean? ›

Q: What do different cowboy hat colors mean? In old Western movies from the 1920s to 1940s, “bad guys” wore black hats while “good guys” wore white ones. The same standard does not necessarily hold true today.

Who was the cute cowboy on 1883? ›

9 Facts About the Ennis in 1883 Actor. Ennis is no doubt one of the most popular characters in the Yellowstone prequel 1883 (2021-2022). The soft-hearted cowboy was quick to charm Elsa, the daughter of James Dutton, and won her love in the early episodes of the show.

What are the different styles of cowboy hats? ›

Types of Cowboy Hats
  • Cattleman. The most traditional type of cowboy hat, the Cattleman features a trio of top crown creases and a slightly curled brim.
  • Brick: The brick cowboy hat is a modified cattleman with a squarer crown. ...
  • Gambler. ...
  • Derby. ...
  • Pinched Front. ...
  • Gus. ...
  • Tom Mix. ...
  • Open Crown.

Is Sam in 1883 Native American? ›

Fans of the show 1883 will recognize Martin Sensmeier as Sam. Sam, a fan favorite, is a Comanche Warrior who is a love interest of Elsa Dutton.

What brand is John Dutton cowboy hat? ›

This particular Ranch Ready style from Greeley Hat Works is inspired by Kevin Costner's character, John Dutton, in the TV series Yellowstone. It is constructed from Silverbelly felt with distressed details around the entire hat.

What cowboy hats does Garth Brooks wear? ›

Brooks keeps it authentic

Many country singers show off high-quality 200X beaver hats. However, Garth Brooks always looks like it was purchased at the local farm store.

What cowboy hat does Kenny Chesney wear? ›

This cowboy hat is shaped just like the one worn by Kenny Chesney. It is a pinto palm straw with handrolls in the brim and a good dip front and back. Usually in stock.

What is the oldest cowboy hat? ›

The “Boss of the Plains” is widely considered the first modern cowboy hat. And it was a smash hit. Stetson first sold hats from a shop at 4th and Chestnut Street.

Which state has the most cowboys? ›

There's a reason Wyoming is known as the Cowboy State. For many Wyomingites, the Code of the West is an integral part of daily life; residents and travelers alike will see it in the form of warm greetings, neighbors offering to lend a helping hand and a respect for the land.

What are Mexican cowboys called? ›

Mexico's native cowboys, the vaqueros, were hired by ranches to tend to the livestock and were known for their superior roping, riding and herding skills. By the 1800s, ranching made its way to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

What brands do they wear on Yellowstone? ›

Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) wears Carhartt but carries a Bottega Veneta bag; Kayce Dutton wears Freenoth Cloth or a Carhartt; Most of John Dutton's jackets are custom; Jimmy (played by Jefferson White) wears Wrangler; Lloyd (played by Forrie J.

What hat does KC wear in Yellowstone? ›

Throughout the seasons, Kayce can be seen sporting a plain camo ballcap (below), as well as a Yellowstone Dutton Ranch logo trucker hat.

What brand does Kevin Costner wear on Yellowstone? ›

Hamilton Shirts - Kevin Costner's character in Yellowstone, John Dutton, wearing Lyle Lovett. | Facebook.

How do you dress like cowboys in Yellowstone? ›

In addition to waxed canvas jackets and puffer vests, fans can also buy cowboy boots, cowboy hats with sterling silver buckles and bolo ties. “Cowboy couture is cool,” Martin told the Journal. Western-attire fans have shown off their Yellowstone-inspired clothing on social media.


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