Your Guide to Light vs. Dark Wood Floors (2023)

Are you trying to choose the perfect parquet floor? Even if you have chosen the easy-care, durable and environmentally friendly bamboo parquet floor, you still have to decide on the surface color and style. IfThe bamboo shedFirst arriving in the US in the 1990s, the only floor color that sold was its natural shade: a light wood color.

The bamboo shedToday it offers as many surface colors and styles as any other parquet floor. With so many options, choosing can be difficult. Use this guide to understand the different effects of light and dark wood floors to help you in your decision making.

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dust and dirt

How do you know when to clean the floor? Do you have a regular cleaning schedule that you stick to, or do you wait for dust and dirt to build up? The fact is that your floors get dusty and the color of those floors can hide or highlight things like:

  • dust balls
  • footprints
  • animal hair
  • scratch
  • Amolgadelas
  • stains

unless you plancleaning your floorsall day Every day you will have some everyday junk on your surface.

Light floors:

The lighter the floor, the better it hides house dust. This is because most dust is naturally light-colored. These bright splotches of dust merge with the ground and become less visible. Unless you have a dark-haired pet, light-colored floors also better hide your pet's fur. Unless it's animal hair tumbleweed, it won't be very visible.

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When it comes to those little scratches and scuffs,Levers onlyit's also more forgiving. The wood under the stain is light in color, which helps hide cuts and cracks. But if you don't install your floors properly, suction cups and gaps will often become apparent.

Dark Floors:

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Unless the dust in your home is in the form of coal dust or soot, these dark floors provide a contrasting background for your dust. Yes, your dust will be exposed in all its glory if you don't sweep the dark floor regularly. And if you don't have a black or dark brown pet, it will also show off your pet fur collection.

For the majorityBamboo parquet in dark color, the stain only penetrates the top layer, meaning there is often bamboo with a more natural/blonde color beneath the surface. This means that deeper scratches, cuts and gouges can expose the light wood underneath and make it more visible.

On the other hand, dark floors are more tolerant of installation errors. Gaps and indentations can be harder to spot, but it's best to make sure you avoid these flooring issues beforehand. You can easily do this by following the bamboo flooring manufacturer's instructions.installation Guide.

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Impact on room size

Another consideration that influences the decision to go with dark or light flooring is the size and size of the room in which the flooring will be installed. Is it a cozy little living room or an open living and dining room? How high are the ceilings? These factors will help you determine the size of the room.

Light floors:

If you have a small room or even a medium sized room with low ceilings, light floors will open up the space and make it feel more spacious.

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Would you like to make the room appear even larger? Use light hardwood floors and lay the planks diagonally or parallel to the longest wall.The wood floor pattern you chooseIt's almost as important as color when it comes to making a small space look big.

Light floors in a bedroom, small kitchen or living room with a low ceiling give a spacious feeling. Combine your light floor with light walls to enhance this effect.

Dark Floors:

Sometimes an open concept space feels more like an empty stadium and less like a large living room. This is especially true when combining large rooms with high ceilings. Dark floors transform cavernous spaces into cozy spaces. Dark floors give the room a sense of warmth and intimacy.

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Don't install dark flooring in a small cave unless you want the space to resemble an actual cave. Just as dark pants make anyone look slimmer, dark floors make any room look smaller.

Use light walls to balance dark floors to add balance to the space.

Interior design aesthetics

What is your decoration style? Are you the modern mid-century type or do you prefer a Scandinavian-style interior? Love the simplicity of Shaker or the flourish of Queen Anne? The style of your home and your personal decorating style should influence your choice of floor color. Not sure of your style? Please come back with oursshopping guidefor an explanation of all the major decorating styles!

Light floors:

As a rule, designers do not recommend light-colored floors with light-colored kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This extremely easy style won't help you achieve the simple look you envision and you'll end up with a monochrome mess on your hands.

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Contemporary and modern styles look great with light floors. With industrial, mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles using neutral color palettes, light floors are the perfect choice.

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East-west coastal styles look great with natural bamboo hardwood floors and breezy beach light.

Dark-Colorful bottoms:

If your tastes gravitate toward more traditional styles like American Colonial, Revolutionary, or even French, opt for a darker hardwood floor.

Asian and Indian styles, including those with British colonial influences, stand out with dark hardwood floors. Despite their use in traditional styles, dark hardwood floors can provide a striking contrast to white cabinetry and fixtures in a contemporary design.

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Speaking of cabinets, dark floors work and go well with onegreater variety of cabinet colors than light cabinets. Just make sure your wooden furniture and hardwood floors aren't the same color. Otherwise, you'll revert to monochromatic confusion, where the eye can't tell where one dot ends and another begins.

weak sunlight

Your Guide to Light vs. Dark Wood Floors (9)Another consideration is the amount of light in the room and the light sources in the room. There is a difference between natural and artificial lighting and the distinction is not lost on bamboo and hardwood floors. Direct/constant sunlight can fade almost anything in your home including furniture, carpets, paint, electronics, plastics and more.

If you have strong natural light pouring into a room for most of the day, light and dark floors can fade relatively quickly. Pay special attentionfloor markingYou bought. You want lightweight floors that are treated to prevent damage from UV light. Buy floors that are treated to resist UV light damage. For example himAmbient AccuSeal Ultra® bamboo floor treatmentuses UV cured materials to add layers of protection. The result is a stable product that can withstand most household floors.

As an extra measure, it's a good idea to use window coverings to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light entering the room. Moving rugs and furniture around the room regularly can also help prevent discoloration like the one pictured here.

Pros and cons of light and dark floors

Confused how everyone goes? Let's summarize the pros and cons of light floors.

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To recap, here's what we've covered so far:


  • Hides dust, footprints, stains and most pet hair.
  • Can make a room lookbigger and more spacious.
  • It suits many furnishing styles.

CONS (easy):

  • Does not match all cabinet colors.
  • Reflects ultraviolet light and makes surroundings brighter.

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Good, so you know what clear floors are. Now let's recap what we've covered in regards to dark floors. Here are the pros and cons:

PRO (dark):

  • Offers an elegant, sophisticated look that complements many interior styles.
  • Laying errors such as gaps between planks can be concealed more easily.
  • It does not absorb UV light and therefore does not fade like clear floors.
  • Coordinates with most cabinet styles and stains.

COM (dark):

  • Shows dust, footprints and light animal hair.
  • It can make rooms appear smaller.

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And the glow?

Neither Martin nor Charlie! We are talking about the finish of the floor. In addition to choosing light or dark floors, you need to decide what finish you want. Gloss refers to the shine of the finish. With modern floors you have the choice between high gloss or satin/matt/smooth; The latter has several names. The floor of the same color will look different with a different gloss.

high clarity

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Glossy floors are bright and shiny. But even bright, high-gloss floors show dust, footprints and animal hair in all colors. Because its brilliant shine contrasts with everything that is not so shiny on the floor. If you have an active family and pets, you'll probably want to skip the high-gloss flooring and look at alternatives.

Even shiny floors don't exactly forgive scratches. Even if the cut or scrape isn't deep, a scratch on the surface will ruin the shine and everyone will see it even if they're not looking.


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A wooden floor with a stained or matt surface is much more forgiving of everyday life. Dust, footprints, and pet hair, which are prominent on tall glass shelves, are less noticeable. Since these patches are not shiny, they don't contrast with the flat finish.

You still need to cleansatin and matte finishFloors regularly, but unlike high gloss floors, you won't be doing this every day (or even every hour).

Nicks and scratches on the surface are still visible on a satin or matte finish, but are not as noticeable as on a high gloss floor.

Surface Styles:Aged, hand scraped and aged

Your Guide to Light vs. Dark Wood Floors (14)

When it comes to concealing scratches, dents, nicks and scrapes, nothing beats an aged or aged finish. It's meant to look aged and slightly worn, allowing for a nice rustic charm! Seriously, if you're concerned about damage to your floors in a high-traffic area, the casual look of aged, worn, or hand-scraped hardwood floors is what you need.

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Hand scraping or sanding makes hardwood floors look worn easily and attractively. It emulates reclaimed wood and seems to tell a story. Dark, scuffed or hand-scraped floors will still show dust but will camouflage those minor scratches and scuffs.Light-colored, hand-scraped or worn floors are the most forgivingthat will hide most of your scratches and dust.

And the gray floor?

Wait a minute! Is the gray floor dark or light? And the mixture of beige and gray called greige?

Gray floors are now available in an impressive range of colours. These range from the lightest gray toRoble Whitmanto the dark grays ofto cover the ashes. Gray floors literally find a good middle ground between light and dark floors. They hide dust and minimize the appearance of scuffs and scratches. If you choose a very light gray, it will have the characteristics of a light floor. Go with a very dark gray and it has the characteristics of dark floors.Go for a neutral mid-grey and get the best of both worlds!

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Patterns make the decision easier

The best way to decide if a light or dark floor is right for you is to test it before making an investment. If you have physical samples of floors, you can see how lighting (fluorescent, artificial, or natural sunlight), dust, and other factors affect them. It also gives you an idea of ​​how the color will look with your furniture, cabinetry and wall paint.

How do you do it?

You order samples!

Your Guide to Light vs. Dark Wood Floors (16)

Whether you're shopping online or in person, your seller will be happy to offer you free samples.

For example, Ambient broadcastsup to 5 free samples, and additional samples are only $1.

Then try light and dark floors! And check out some gray or gray while you're at it.

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This is how you decide with certainty whether a light or dark floor is right for you and your rooms.

Last update: 19.10.2021


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